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In the Risk Advisory practices of the Deloitte member firms, we know that, to be a world-class organisation, it is essential to boast world-class talent, steadfast team players, analytical thinkers, and future leaders.

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Join a Deloitte member firm, and you will help international clients mitigate risk and maximise opportunities through a Risk Intelligent approach, as well as improve overall operational performance, processes, and technologies. You’ll have the opportunity to use your critical thinking to apply the right approach to risk for services that include internal audit, control assurance, security and privacy, capital markets, regulatory consulting, and corporate governance. Does your background involve assurance and compliance, e-business, ERP services, information technology, internal audit, or outsourcing?

If so, discover how the Risk Advisory practices of the Deloitte member firms can empower you to share your expertise with the world.

Regulators, shareholders and even customers and suppliers are increasingly expecting and even requiring evidence of appropriate Enterprise Risk Management. Achieving this isn’t a matter of luck, but depends on professionals with specialist skills to diagnose problems, create solutions and influence organisations from top to bottom.

Whether it is through effective project management, taking opportunities to automate manual processes, neutralising risks or making operational efficiencies, successful companies have recognised that risk management capabilities are an important way of gaining a competitive edge in the corporate environment.

That’s where we come in.

What we do

Deloitte Risk Advisory comprises a global practice group of more than 11,000 professionals and as a result of this global reach our teams have cutting-edge tools and techniques at their disposal. The areas which we operate include;

  • Contract risk & compliance
  • Data risk service
  • Governance, regulatory, & risk strategies
  • Information & controls assurance
  • Internal audit
  • Risk management technologies
  • Security, privacy, & resiliency
  • Technology risk & governance

Management teams and Boards of Directors are asking hard questions about risk in order to better manage in today’s challenging environment. Our array of solutions are designed to help our clients evaluate their risks, determine acceptable levels of exposure and monitor the operation of their internal controls. Our approach is to use proven methodologies and tools to help our clients achieve robust business-led risk solutions.

In the important area of internal audit, Deloitte’s pioneering work integrating analytics, consulting and other services with the internal audit function is a novel approach which sets us apart. We help organisations meet their performance objectives by offering recommendations to improve operations and assist clients with enterprise risk and compliance activities.

Locally, many of our assignments form part of wider external audit assignments with a focus on whether the client’s technological risks are being properly addressed. Deloitte delivers objective and holistic services leveraging best practices and experience in the integration of business, controls, and compliance through people, process, and technology.

What makes Risk Advisory stand out in the market?

We are Malta’s premier, dedicated enterprise risk services group. Our defined go-to-market strategy means everyone is pointed in the same direction and we are committed to being the best in what we do.

We are renowned in the market too. Deloitte is the top-ranked Information Security and Risk Consulting firm according to in Forrester Research’s report, Information Security and Risk Consulting Services Wave. The result shows Deloitte increasing the gap from the other vendors in the study. According to Forrester, Deloitte’s vision of becoming the client’s trusted partner, coupled with its extensive list of services and technical and business experience, separates it from the rest of the pack. Information security, privacy, and IT risk remain top corporate priorities for Deloitte.

What you’ll be doing

We work at the coal-face of organisations so you’ll get a good understanding of the inner workings of your clients, what they do and how they do it. To do this you’ll often be out of the office, working onsite with our clients. Once with the client, you will analyse how functions within the business work, whether this be interviewing client staff, analysing large volumes of data or conducting observations of significant processes; you then identify what can be improved and propose practical solutions back to the client, most likely to management or the board.

Through the nature of our work, we often partner with other divisions to deliver an end-to-end service so you’ll soon be networking across the firm.

Team environment

The majority of the work you’ll do in Risk Advisory will be on fairly short engagements within a small team. It’s a great way to build your networks - a new client will generally mean a growth in networking of 10-15 people.

Our management team will provide you with the flexibility and independence you’ll want but they are approachable and supportive at the same time.


Due to the type of organisation that tends to engage an Risk Advisory team, we often work with many large and well-known public sector organisations, publicly listed companies and financial institutions. There is great deal of variety in the work we do which is great for developing your business acumen and can also build particular areas of expertise which can help you create a niche as a specialist in the longer term.

Who are we looking for?

You’ll need an interest in digging deeper, in questioning, in interviewing, in searching for more. We want people who not only find problems, but can provide relevant, practical answers to solve issues. The ability to untangle complex processes into simple steps will quickly become an everyday skill.

One of the key attributes we look for is the ability to cope with variety and change. You’ll be faced with the challenge of having to constantly adapt what you’ve learned to different situations and clients.

You’ll need an interest in digging deeper, in questioning, in interviewing, in searching for more. We want people who not only find problems, but can provide relevant, practical answers to solve issues. The ability to untangle complex processes into simple steps will quickly become an everyday skill.

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