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Disruptive business, technology, and societal forces are causing unprecedented change in the workplace. Our human capital round table series offers insights, research, and learnings around changes in the workforce, the workplace, and the future of work itself.

During the sessions, we will explore what is shaping the choices that organisations are making to position themselves to thrive in the post-pandemic world.

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This is an invite only event – to receive an invite, kindly send us an email.

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Past events

Talent and sustainability: Putting HR at the core of your ESG journey | 12 July 2023

recent study by Deloitte shows that although “more organisations are factoring ESG in their decision-making, most of them are struggling to develop concrete and easily identifiable metrics”.Furthermore, most efforts are directed towards the environmental dimension of ESG while overlooking social and ethical considerations of having a just, fair, equal, and sustainable workplace for all.

As companies update their transformative trajectory to embed ESG into decisions, policies, cultures and strategies, Human Resources professionals are expected to step up their game by addressing the ‘Social’ challenges brought along with the shifting of worker and social expectations. Besides addressing their ESG goals and obligations, by investing in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), pay and work practices and workforce engagement, organisations are also enhancing their talent attraction and retention practices.

This exclusive event discussed how the human aspect of the ‘Social’ element within the ESG framework is shaping our work environment, the workforce and work itself.


Sustaining your workforce: The age of re-engagement | 29 March 2023

During the recently held Deloitte Annual Forum 2023, 50% of C-suite attendees stated that employee engagement is very important within the organisation’s ecosystem. In a post pandemic era of increased choices, flexibility and opportunities for our employees, most HR professionals are asking:

Why would the best talent choose to work for us?

How do we keep our existing employees engaged to ensure they remain productive and fulfilled?

This exclusive event discussed how employee engagement has found its way on the C-suite agenda as organisations scramble to design great workplaces, provide flexibility benefits and create purposeful work cultures to drive retention efforts.


Planning for the future: being successful in succession | 16 November 2022

Organisations struggle with the prospect of preparing for the future, to ensure business continuity. According to a Deloitte survey published in May 2021, while many leaders recognise the importance of succession planning, few executives believe that this is being done effectively.

Despite having access to an unprecedented amount of data on their workforce, many companies tend to make succession decisions based on past performance and technical abilities within a short-term context, often excluding the assessment of other important leadership qualities such as business acumen, motivators and impact.

This exclusive event discussed how the adoption of effective succession planning strategies can develop the organisation’s future leaders to be ready to take charge when required.


Learning and work: The new organisational ecosystem | 7 July 2022

Business strategies are being challenged by sudden economic disruptions, the acceleration of business automation and global shortage of talent. In the face of such pressures, many organisations revert to hiring strategies while overlooking the greatest source of talent: their current workforce. With an agile and responsive learning and development function, organisations can leverage and develop their current workforce’s capabilities to fill skills gaps.

This exclusive event discussed how transforming learning and development into a concise, continuous, practical and agile function can help organisations address their talent shortage while boosting retention levels.


The worker-employer relationship disrupted | 6 April 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered one of the most significant global disruptions in recent history. This “Great Disruption”—and the resulting shocks to economies, health systems, organisations and humanity more broadly—exposed inherent weaknesses in the business world and is fuelling “The Great Resignation”.

The world will emerge from the Great Disruption, but leaders should not expect a period of stillness; rather, they can anticipate an environment that continues to be characterised by instability, change, and uncertainty. At the same time, the pandemic has created tremendous learning opportunities for leaders, providing the impetus for change as they reinvent the future of work. To this extent, the following questions become highly relevant:

  • How might this relationship evolve to meet the opportunities and challenges of the post–COVID-19 world 
  • Will organisations continue to embrace their role as social enterprises?
  • Were your workers’ trust levels towards the leadership of the organisation affected?
  • Does your organisation require to re-build such levels to restore engagement and purpose?
  • Do leaders in organisations require re-skilling, or are pre-pandemic leadership styles still relevant?

During this event, we presented some Deloitte Insights on this subject matter, with a key focus on the relationship between this Great Disruption and the Future of Work. Key topics included:

  • The disruption in the worker-employer relationship
  • The future scenarios re-shaping organisations and the worker-employer relationship
  • Are leaders ready to handle disruption?
  • Methodologies to understand the leader’s development needs.


A new hybrid world | 30 November 2021

As businesses consider a return to physical offices, leaders have an opportunity to reimagine the future of work.

The pandemic has significantly changed the way we work. Many businesses were obliged to adopt a remote and digital approach to operations over the last 18 months to address continuity. As workers now begin returning to offices, leaders have an opportunity to learn from these experiences, to reshape the future of work. It’s time to focus on humanising work.

During this first session of Deloitte’s human capital round table series: Wake up HR!, we discussed the future of work and looked at various hybrid approaches that businesses can consider to ensure organisational efficiency, workforce wellbeing and sustainable resilience.

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