Father to son

The value of continuity 

What do families look for when facing the delicate theme of continuity?

Continuity among generations is often considered a complicated “problem”. In reality, it is a logical necessity in all organisations, including businesses and families, which should not be underestimated and must be well planned in a timely manner and carefully managed, even by the most prosperous and well-established companies and families. Continuity among generations must be faced with appropriate tools to handle the variables at stake, so as to manage the entrepreneurial succession like a phase in the company’s development, not only from an income point of view, but also in terms of expansion of the organisation’s expertise, new alliances to drive product innovation, diversification of channels and markets, relaunching and revitalising short and long-term strategies. From the family point of view, however, generational continuity must ensure that a family’s ethical and moral values endure over time, allowing family members to develop their own talents in harmony and shared affinity.

Deloitte can assist with continuity through:

  • Support in identifying the family’s mission and values.
  • Next-generation academies dedicated to tutoring the new generations.
  • Reviewing the company structure and defining possible future organisational scenarios.
  • Assisting generational transition planning.
  • Supporting the search for industrial and financial partners.
  • Analysing capital, financial position and operating results.
  • Supporting the estate in defining roles.
  • Direct involvement in the reorganisation and protection of family assets.
  • Exploring the best tax solutions to preserve company worth.
From father to son: The value of continuity
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