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Multidisciplinary and tailor-made solutions

Deloitte develops collaborative projects based on the needs of its clients, creating bespoke solutions appropriate to clients’s size and objectives.

By first listening to its customers’ needs, Deloitte supports entrepreneurs and aims to position itself as a Trusted Business Advisor, providing tailored multi-disciplinary solutions for:

  • Family businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Family offices and private investors.
  • Small and medium-sized listed and unlisted companies.
  • Private Equity focused on SMEs.
  • Micro-enterprises.

Father to son

The value of continuity

What do families look for when facing the delicate theme of continuity?

Continuity among generations is often considered a complicated “problem”. In reality, it is a logical necessity in all organisations, including businesses and families, which should not be underestimated and must be well planned in a timely manner and carefully managed, even by the most prosperous and well-established companies and families. Continuity among generations must be faced with appropriate tools to handle the variables at stake, so as to manage the entrepreneurial succession like a phase in the company’s development, not only from an income point of view, but also in terms of expansion of the organisation’s expertise, new alliances to drive product innovation, diversification of channels and markets, relaunching and revitalising short and long-term strategies. From the family point of view, however, generational continuity must ensure that a family’s ethical and moral values endure over time, allowing family members to develop their own talents in harmony and shared affinity.

Deloitte can assist with continuity through:

  • Support in identifying the family’s mission and values.
  • Next-generation academies dedicated to tutoring the new generations.
  • Reviewing the company structure and defining possible future organisational scenarios.
  • Assisting generational transition planning.
  • Supporting the search for industrial and financial partners.
  • Analysing capital, financial position and operating results.
  • Supporting the estate in defining roles.
  • Direct involvement in the reorganisation and protection of family assets.
  • Exploring the best tax solutions to preserve company worth.

Finance for growth

Take on challenges, exploit opportunities

What do companies expect from the global economic recovery?

A growing global economy, access to credit facilitated by surplus liquidity and a dynamic financial market looking for outstanding companies in which to invest: these are all potential opportunities to be exploited by companies wishing to harness external resources to finance growth and aggregation projects. Advisors can offer many answers, but they must always be accompanied by an integrated approach that facilitates dialogue with financial operators, access to borrowed capital and appropriate assessment of alternative options for raising new capital, such as pooling with strategic and financial partners, or a greater openness to financial markets. This must all be achieved through efficient measurement of cash flow and revenue performance using reliable financial information.

Deloitte is the ideal partner to provide assistance in identifying value added solutions through various services:

  • Strategic analysis of the company’s positioning in a complex competitive environment.
  • Analysing and defining new strategies and processes to enhance company value.
  • General review of the balance sheet and financial situation.
  • Reviewing financial statements and sustainability report.
  • Supporting analysis and interpretation of accounting principles.
  • Supporting the search for industrial and financial partners.
  • As a financial advisor, assisting in raising funds.

Innovation for corporate support

The competitive revolution

What do companies need to manage socio-economic transformations and the advent of new technologies?

It is not easy for companies to find their way in a business environment in constant rapid change: now more than ever, companies must be highly adaptable. Socio-economic transformations and the advent of disruptive technologies are just some of the factors that affect new and old markets, leading new players and products to emerge, not to mention the lowering of barriers to entry and the loss of positions of dominance. The ability to respond effectively to the changing environment is an essential trait whose innovative nature is an enabling factor for companies wanting to remain competitive.

Today, business is a matter of agility, innovation, digitalisation. All our management principles are being challenged. In this context, companies must challenge themselves through actions designed to promote a corporate culture that encourages employees to be innovative and develops the ability to carefully choose investments in product or process, with tools applied to intercept and seize the drivers of change at the right moment.

Deloitte is the ideal partner for assistance with innovation processes through:

  • Mapping current levels of innovation.
  • Defining effective strategies and implementing bespoke solutions to support the digital transformation process.
  • Selection and development of innovative ideas.
  • Acceleration and support to start-ups.
  • Evaluating start-ups.
  • Assisting companies considering new business scenarios.
  • Supporting the optimisation of available hardware and software resources.
  • Assisting businesses in the prevention and management of digital threats.
  • Identifying and optimising loans, tax incentives and non re-payable grants.
  • Supporting the search for industrial and financial partners.


Solutions and ideas for international growth

What do companies need in order to seize new growth opportunities when facing internationalisation?

Internationalisation is one of the most important challenges for business. It is a factor in the growth and development of companies’ competitiveness that has entered the vocabulary and business plans of many entrepreneurs. The internationalisation process is an opportunity for growth through which companies can create value, yield returns on invested resources, extend  competitive advantage and access new growth opportunities.

Deloitte provide value added solutions for internationalisation  through various services:

  • Analysing the international competitive environment.
  • Supporting due diligence analysis of the economic and financial statements.
  • Evaluating intangible assets or company divisions.
  • Tax assistance on possible regulatory constraints and potential incentives and tax benefits.
  • Supporting the search for industrial and financial partners.
  • Analysing the reputation of potential foreign counterparts.
  • Upgrading governance and internal policies.
  • Assistance in defining the support structure.
  • Evaluating the adequacy and reliability of information.
  • Evaluating the potential of internal resources.
  • Assisting the application of computer and digital platforms.
  • Assisting businesses in the prevention and management of risks from cyber threats.
  • Revision, verification and implementation of consistent accounting principles in the Group.
  • Audit and attest activities.

Value for business

Working effectively and efficiently

What do companies look for in order to maintain competitive advantage?

The current market environment is dominated by competition, the drive for innovation and digital transformation, new competitors, new sectors, greater customer and social awareness. Companies are called upon to analyse their production and organisational models to ensure they continue to generate value and profitability in the long-term and in a fast changing environment. This is the challenge faced by entrepreneurs. It calls for an integrated response that embraces their different operational contexts. To meet this challenge, entrepreneurs need up-to-date information to compare to benchmark models, new professional expertise for speedy responses, information material that meets the expectations of their target audience, and not least to optimise production, commercial and human resources in order to remain competitive.

Deloitte is the ideal partner to provide assistance in identifying value added solutions through various services:

  • Defining effective strategies.
  • Defining pathways focussed on product and process innovation.
  • Defining a company’s development plan and go-to-market model.
  • Identifying appropriate financing arrangements for investment in efficiency improvements.
  • Developing control models.
  • Support for the adoption of an entity data management solution.
  • Supporting the Finance team in optimising efficiency in business processes.
  • Analysing production and procurement processes.
  • Assisting the digital transformation of company operations.
  • Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning systems.
  • Analysing current practices in the advancement and management of human capital deployed by the company.
  • Supporting the implementation of corporate governance, policy and internal procedure systems.
  • Implementing risk management systems.
  • Supporting the adaptation of tax strategies.
  • Supporting the optimisation of available hardware and software resources and identifying possible Hybrid Cloud solutions.

Risks and opportunities

Reducing uncertainty and improving performance

What do companies need to tackle risk in the competitive environment in which they operate?

Business operations are characterised by the presence of “risks” from internal and external factors that can affect the creation of value and profitability, as well as the quality of products and services. The identification, analysis and effective management of risks are vital to a company’s success.

Internal organisational models and, in particular, corporate governance and control bodies are determining factors for company success.

Deloitte provide assistance in identifying areas of risk and value added solutions through various services:

  • Planning the organisational structure.
  • Supporting the growth and training of company management.
  • Identification and assessment of sustainability and corporate responsibility risks.
  • Analysing risks linked to existing financing sources.
  • Risk impact assessment on objectives and the main economic and financial variables of a company’s strategic plan.
  • Assisting the prevention and management of risks from cyber attack.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the internal control system with regards to risks from illegal conduct.
  • Verifying recurring tax and regulatory obligations.
  • Reviewing current human capital development and management practices.
  • Assisting the analysis and use of big data and the company’s internal data
  • Supporting the implementation of accounting procedures.


Chris Curmi

Chris Curmi

Global Employer Services Leader

Chris is a Tax Director at Deloitte and also leads the Global Employer Services. He is a UK Chartered Accountant (ICAEW) and having worked in London, Italy and Malta has over 30 years experience in re... More