Value for business

Working effectively and efficiently

What do companies look for in order to maintain competitive advantage?

The current market environment is dominated by competition, the drive for innovation and digital transformation, new competitors, new sectors, greater customer and social awareness. Companies are called upon to analyse their production and organisational models to ensure they continue to generate value and profitability in the long-term and in a fast changing environment. This is the challenge faced by entrepreneurs. It calls for an integrated response that embraces their different operational contexts. To meet this challenge, entrepreneurs need up-to-date information to compare to benchmark models, new professional expertise for speedy responses, information material that meets the expectations of their target audience, and not least to optimise production, commercial and human resources in order to remain competitive.

Deloitte is the ideal partner to provide assistance in identifying value added solutions through various services:

  • Defining effective strategies.
  • Defining pathways focussed on product and process innovation.
  • Defining a company’s development plan and go-to-market model.
  • Identifying appropriate financing arrangements for investment in efficiency improvements.
  • Developing control models.
  • Support for the adoption of an entity data management solution.
  • Supporting the Finance team in optimising efficiency in business processes.
  • Analysing production and procurement processes.
  • Assisting the digital transformation of company operations.
  • Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning systems.
  • Analysing current practices in the advancement and management of human capital deployed by the company.
  • Supporting the implementation of corporate governance, policy and internal procedure systems.
  • Implementing risk management systems.
  • Supporting the adaptation of tax strategies.
  • Supporting the optimisation of available hardware and software resources and identifying possible Hybrid Cloud solutions.
Value for business: Working effectively and efficiently
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