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What is Field Service?

Field Service is a Salesforce solution delivered on top of Service Cloud that enables organisations to optimise their field workers schedule and efficiently deliver on premise service to their customers. This allows businesses with a mobile workforce to greatly improve their customer service, remain closer to the customers and reduce overall costs by more efficient.

By leveraging features such as workflow automation for job schedules and customer assignments, tracking of van inventory, providing knowledge articles to teams in the field, and tracking crews and equipment, Field Service sets up the organisation and their teams for success.

For those organisations with a team of service technicians, installers or delivery teams, managing their workforce and schedule is typically one of the most complex tasks. The variables involved, such as resource availability, customer availability, skillsets, geography, and inventory, just to name a few, and combining these with unpredictable changes – makes the job very difficult for anyone requiring a significant amount of monitoring, control and precision to remain on top of things. Ultimately, if things go wrong, it will result in miscommunications, delays, inefficient allocation of resources and potentially unhappy customers.

As permanently connected mobile devices proliferated and systems began to communicate with each other more easily, the next step for many software developers was to devise a technological solution that would assist with managing mobile workforce and field service operations, relieving frustrated leaders of many of the inefficiencies inherent in the traditional process. The result was sophisticated field service management (FSM) technology.

FSM technology is technology that automates the field operations of a team of service professionals through mobile systems.

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What are the benefits of Field Service?

Improve first-visit resolution and onsite job management using the mobile solution that delivers real-time collaboration with access to job schedules, van inventory, knowledge articles, and more — with or without the internet.

Create work orders from any case, fast.
  • Create and manage work orders for field service operations and instantly view Knowledge articles and track SLA compliance
Make smarter decisions
  • Use Field Service Analytics to give your managers and dispatchers easy, real-time visibility into operational performance and KPIs. Drill into all your data from multiple systems, address customer complaints, and stop problems before they happen, all in one app.
Optimise schedules and intelligently assign jobs.
  • Instantly book service appointments from the Service Console or a Customer Community. And with intelligent scheduling, jobs are automatically assigned to the right resource based on time, skills, location, and any business rules to increase employee productivity.
Increase first-time fix rates
  • Mobile employees can use image recognition to immediately identify assets and parts in images. Ensure the right product part is fixed or replaced to eliminate confusion and additional trips back to the office. Based on an image’s classification, you can automatically prescribe the right set up steps for technicians, so they can provide faster, smarter service.
Manage jobs from any mobile device
  • The mobile app brings the full power of on-site job management to your mobile workforce. Improve first-visit resolution by arming mobile employees with this best-in-class mobile solution that delivers job schedules, AI, visibility into van stock and inventory, knowledge articles, and real-time collaboration while they’re on the go, regardless of cell phone connectivity. This mobile app can be tailored to provide your mobile workforce with exactly what it needs.
  • The ability of the platform to process and dynamically take into consideration the various variables, increases greatly the accuracy of the schedule allowing more accurate appointments, improved customer satisfaction and less waste of resources.

About Salesforce

Salesforce is the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. It offers cloud-based applications for sales, service and marketing for small, midsize and enterprise organisations, with a focus on sales and support. It brings together all your customer information in a single, integrated platform that enables you to build a customer-centred business from marketing right through to sales, customer service and business analysis. This gives you more complete understanding of your customers to drive your business’s success.

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