Finance for a Sustainable Future: Reimagining Reporting

Build an appropriate ESG reporting and disclosures foundation for your organisation.

You don’t have a choice today in whether your Finance organisation covers ESG and sustainability topics as part of its reporting duties, but you do have a choice in the way you approach it—and there’s new opportunity in this new duty.

Reimagining Reporting, the latest entry in our series on Finance for a Sustainable Future, makes the case that CFOs and other Finance leaders can enlarge their strategic roles, and their value to the enterprise, by using data and capabilities they already own to help deliver a 360-degree view of sustainability. Not only as good corporate citizens, but as a driver of purpose, alignment, and bottom-line performance.

Why Finance?

Finance is well aware of the necessary actions, but it approaches them from a different perspective. Sustainability is interwoven into various aspects of a company's operations, and finance possesses the expertise to assess the organisation's progress on its sustainability path and determine the most effective areas to focus on for substantial impact.

Opportunities for Finance in sustainability:

  • Finance already ‘owns’ reporting.
  • Finance knows the drill across the organisation
  • Finance can make the connections.

By reaching beyond the basics to help an organisation identify priorities and metrics, then helping institute new processes and insights to reach them, Finance has a new opportunity to help the business thrive. From strengthening internal alliances to setting the tone, our report offers a glimpse into the ways Finance leaders can understand and seize this opportunity.

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