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This series is curated by our Southeast Asia Forensic team to provide you with insights on risks associated with financial crime, fraud and other economic crimes.

It’s time to be proactive: Tackling fraud and economic crime

The post-pandemic landscape, magnified by the rapid advancement of technology, has brought about a multitude of emerging fraud and economic crime trends and heightened risks. In this publication, we explore the emerging fraud trends and proactive measures to consider.

Sanctions Digest: Developing a risk-based approach to Sanctions

In our first and second blogs, we discussed the sanctions landscape and evasion. This blog focuses on the challenge of operating in the “grey areas”, where an entity can undertake an activity but must consider the reputational, ethical, and other risks of doing so. To combat this challenge, institutions must develop an internal sanctions risk appetite to ensure continued compliance and to protect its institution and staff. This article will cover key aspects in developing a sanctions risk appetite and the factors that could be considered.

AML Risks and Failures in Asia Pacific Gambling Hubs

Recent AML failings in casinos have been extensively reported in the media. Casino operators in Asia Pacific (APAC) have been subject to probes and investigations by local authorities for cultural failings observed in their management, and their alleged involvement in facilitating money laundering. This paper will discuss the investigation outcomes in 4 APAC gambling hubs.

Sanctions Digest: Combatting sanctions evasion

In our first blog of the series, we considered how the last year has dramatically changed the sanctions landscape, and the challenges it presents to business and financial institutions (FIs).

In this blog, we discuss the growing trends of sanctions evasion, with a particular focus on Russia and North Korea, by highlighting key methodologies that are being used, before providing guidance on how such risks can potentially be mitigated.

Sanctions Digest: The Changing Sanctions Environment

The events of the last few months have changed the way Sanctions regimes are being implemented around the world. Deloitte has designed a series of blogs exploring the evolving global Sanctions landscape. These blogs will offer insight about how organisations can adapt to meet the challenges presented by these changes, as well as practical steps that can be adopted to help continuing compliance with regulatory obligations.

A dynamic data driven approach to compliance monitoring

With global data volumes continuing to grow exponentially, organisations need to focus and invest in a compliance programme that embeds data in its DNA to stay ahead and navigate this ever-changing data-driven landscape.

Advanced analytics and innovation in Financial Crime Compliance

This white paper by Deloitte and UOB examines the use of innovation and
advanced analytics in a world dominated by digital technology and disruption.
It describes the role technology and innovation in weathering potential risks
to achieve better outcomes for Financial Crime Compliance.

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