Growing your business

Deloitte’s professionals and innovative solutions come together to plan, grow and structure your organisation’s operations to deliver improved business performance, drive shareholder value and create a competitive, sustainable advantage.


One ConnectedConsumer platform to easily interact with customers at every touchpoint of their journey by combining capabilities such as next best experience, voice, connected store, loyalty and social CRM (WeChat, Instagram etc.).


PatientConnect™ provides a multichannel, high-touch digital platform that enables patient support and engagement for life sciences companies.                                      

D-rive Go

A mobile app using telematics services for motor insurance that analyses driving data gathered by your smartphone's GPS and accelerometer, and evaluates the safety of your driving. It also helps you drive safer by notifying you of your driving behaviour and the danger level of the area you are moving in.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA tools are leveraged on to assist clients in automating voluminous and repetitive tasks. This allows the client to save time (as the process can be completed in seconds – a fraction of the original time taken) and manpower.

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