Asia Pacific Cyber Managed Services

Cybersphere — a dynamic approach

The cyber threat landscape is continuously evolving. Keeping pace to defend against the latest attack techniques is a major challenge. In this new era of cyber everywhere, organisations are called upon to align their priorities and work in concert to drive core business activities.

7 Asia Pacific Cyber Intelligence Centres, 2000+ Asia Pacific Cyber specialists

Clients turn to Deloitte because we bring the depth and breadth of the world's leading professional services organisation.

Within Asia Pacific, Deloitte has seven Cyber Intelligence Centres (CICs) to help clients stay ahead of the latest threats and enhance their business resilience.

Deloitte Cybersphere

A flexible delivery model

The Deloitte AP Cybersphere is an innovative, client focused, high value Cyber Managed Services virtual delivery capability across Asia Pacific. Typically there are two models for the provision of managed services: leveraged or dedicated. If required, utilising the Cybersphere, Deloitte can offer a third, flexible and hybrid model giving clients the best of both worlds.

Cyber Managed Services - security delivered as subscription services

Deloitte Cyber provides enterprise-wide cyber capabilities, working alongside clients to ensure that we advise, implement and operate where they need it most. A blend of sophisticated monitoring technology, advanced analytics, and human intelligence helps clients to detect, analyse and contain threats before they disrupt business. Our Cyber Managed Services (delivered as subscription) include:

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