Deloitte's holistic solution to Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

RegAlert is our highly customisable, flexible end-to-end solution for managing and monitoring regulatory compliance

The regulatory landscape is evolving at an accelerated pace, with a 500% increase since the global financial crisis. In response to this, organisations have been hiring more compliance personnel, leading to a surge in  compliance-related overheads. A lot of time is also spent looking for regulations and updating spreadsheets, instead of focusing on addressing the regulations itself.

Compliance officers around the world typically face the same problem - the lack of resources. Complex internal process add to their workload, while external pressures from the top and regulators create a sense of urgency to get the work done now. 

RegAlert is our holistic solution allowing compliance officers to automate "grunt work", and reduce the amount of effort required to manage regulatory compliance.

Download the brochure to find out how RegAlert can address your organisation's challenges in managing regulatory compliance. 

RegAlert 2021 brochure
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