Business Continuity Management

Organisations face potential crisis that can cause a disruption to business. We can help enhance your ability to manage recovery from a crisis to resume your day-to-day operations.


Business continuity management promotes a greater understanding of your organisation by looking at the likelihood and impact a potential risk can cause to you.

It looks at the interdependencies among the business units in your organisations and identify the critical business function that is required for each business unit. Therefore, this allows your organisation to recover from a crisis within the shortest possible time.

Identifying the key roles and responsibilities of each individual in an organisation is one of the key aspects of business continuity management. By doing so, your organisation will be able to continue your day-to-day operations and keep the business running during a crisis.

How can Deloitte help?

Work with us to build a robust business continuity plan established by a business impact analysis, and conduct various exercises to test the readiness of your organisation during a crisis.

  • Business impact analysis
    We conduct a business impact analysis that indentifies the critical business functions, people requirements and equipment requirements in your organisation.
  • Business continuity plan
    We review and establish a business continuity plan to describe how each business unit in your organisation will respond, resume and recover your critical business functions in the event where your organisation is met with a major disruption or crisis.
  • Exercises
    We conduct vaious exercises such as having a tabletop exercise which is particularly useful in informing staff of their roles and the procedures to follow in a crisis. Additionally, we can conduct ground deployment exercise to validate the readiness of your organisation in dealing with a crisis.