SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)


SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Achieving Effective Risk Management

Deloitte integrates SAP GRC solution with our proprietary Risk Library to help businesses achieve effective risk management and continuous compliance.

Deloitte has consistently been a leader in providing GRC roadmap, methodology and control frameworks that allow business risks and compliance requirements to be swiftly identified and addressed. These GRC activities and processes are then implemented, managed and monitored in an automated and integrated modular technology solution - SAP GRC.

Effective Risk Management

GRC Access Control

Mature SAP users recognise that implementing SAP security is a complex business and risk management topic. Deloitte Access Control Framework and SAP Access Management practice can be implemented in this module, which will ensure the risk, such as excessive access segregation of duties and sensitive access risks are remediated or mitigated, and also ensure continuous compliance in SAP user provisioning, role maintenance and emergency access management.

GRC Access Control

GRC Process Control

A tougher financial audit climate and a greater need for regulatory compliance have increased the demands on management. Deloitte Process Control Framework can be implemented in this module. It enables Deloitte’s knowledge in SAP transaction and master data monitoring controls, configuration controls and manual process controls, across majority business processes in your organisation. It will identify the risks associated with daily operations and to define and monitor controls that mitigate these risks. These controls are reliable, effective and auditable.

GRC Process Control

Deloitte Singapore Indirect Tax Insights Solution Pack Powered by SAP

Deloitte’s Tax Insights powered by SAP GRC is a collaboration of Deloitte knowledge with SAP GRC powered technology to help you address some your uncertainties. It is a powerful FinTech solution that automate your tax processes to ensure you meet your GST regulatory obligations, pay on time, pay the right amount and provide documentation to support your refunds. Adapt quickly to changes in the economy, technology, and regulations affecting how you manage governance, risk, compliance and security.

  • Identify Indirect Tax Saving Opportunities
  • Fix Indirect TAX regulation requirement gaps
  • Implement Process Changes
  • Deploy Automated Continuous Control Monitoring Solution
Deloitte Singapore Indirect Tax Insights Solution Pack Powered by SAP

Upgrade your SAP GRC Access Control 10.1

We have the leading strategies for implementing, optimising, and upgrading to the latest version of SAP GRC Access Control 10.1. Coupled with our experience in performing numerous AC upgrade projects, we can help you to upgrade with ease.

What’s New in SAP GRC Access Control 10.1?

  • Common Compliance Platform
  • Streamlined User Access Management
  • Business Role Governance
  • Centralised Emergency Access
  • Improved Reporting Features
  • Increased Performance and System Efficiency
Upgrade your SAP GRC Access Control 10.1

Deloitte Red Flag Audit Analytics

Make your data speak. It is a complete analysis of your business and financial data using Deloitte’s Red Flag audit analytics service. It consists of more than 300 tests covering common business processes to identify irregularities, process failures and unknown risks.

Deloitte Red Flag helps uncover:

Procure to Pay

  • Purchase orders created on/after the date invoice was received
  • Goods received after invoice date

Finance and Controlling

  • Back dated accounting entries
  • Unusual accounting entries

Order to Cash

  • Sales orders and customer credit are managed by the same person
  • Credit memo is issued without goods receipt/return

IT Governance / Controls

  • Unusual changes to critical tables
  • Basis Development and client admin are managed by same person
Deloitte Red Flag Audit Analytics

Deloitte SAP Cyber Security Solution

With vast amounts of business-critical data hosted on your SAP landscape, the need for a stronger preventive approach against cyberattacks is becoming more pertinent than ever.

Establish your security baseline with our Deloitte SAP Cyber Security Solution - A holistic defense solution to guard against cyber threats and proactively defend undiscovered vulnerabilities across your SAP assets, with our automated detective and monitoring system.

With a combination of Deloitte’s proprietary cyber security knowledge, powered by your choice of SAP GRC platform or Solution Manager, our solution integrates essential industry best practices – The Critical Security Controls established by the Centre of Internet Security, as actionable guidelines to stop today’s most pervasive cyberattacks and establish a solid security framework.

Deloitte SAP Cyber Security Solution