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德勤马来西亚中国服务部 – 近期已开办的活动

Deloitte Malaysia Chinese Services Group - Past events

Deloitte Southeast Asia Chinese Services Group held China Outbound Investment Forum in Philippines

2018 年 10 月 24 日
24 October 2018


共有超过20名来自菲律宾与其它东南亚国家的中资企业领导与投资人士出席了本次论坛。作为嘉宾参与本次论坛的有德勤中国副首席执行官兼首席运营官萧耀熙,德勤菲律宾税务合伙人Alvin Saldana,德勤新加坡中国服务部税务领导人李忠兴,德勤泰国中国服务部国家领导人卢俊杰,德勤马来西亚中国服务部税务领导人谭丽君,德勤全球中国服务部副总监白永樑,德勤泰国中国服务部项目主管郁书敬,德勤马来西亚中国服务部项目管理主管郭明以,德勤印度尼西亚中国服务部项目管理主管李宇应,德勤越南中国服务部高级经理黄建玮。


On 24 October 2018, the Deloitte Southeast Asia Chinese Services Group (SEA CSG) held the China Outbound Investment Forum at the Shangri-La Hotel in Manila, Philippines. During the forum, the leaders and senior professionals from Deloitte China and Deloitte Southeast Asia (SEA) provided their analysis and views on the latest business and investment environment of the SEA countries as well as “China - US Trade Spat and its regional implications” with the participants. The forum also discussed the overall significance and benefits of investing in Southeast Asia.

The forum was attended by more than 20 Chinese business leaders, and investors from the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries. Deloitte China Deputy Chief Executive Officer cum Chief Operating Officer, Paul Siu; Deloitte Philippines Tax Partner, Alvin Saldana; Deloitte Singapore CSG Tax Leader, Lee Tiong Heng; Deloitte Thailand CSG Leader, Anthony Loh; Deloitte Malaysia CSG Tax Leader, Tham Lih Jiun; Deloitte Global CSG Associate Director, Khalid Bai; Deloitte Thailand CSG Project Management Officer (PMO), Yu Shu Jing; Deloitte Malaysia PMO, Nicholas Kuo; Deloitte Indonesia CSG PMO, Dennis Li and Deloitte Vietnam CSG Senior Manager, Brian Wong also attended the forum as guests.

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Deloitte Southeast Asia Chinese Services Group Hosts Its 7th Leaders’ Meeting

2018 年 10 月 25 日
25 October 2018



Deloitte Southeast Asia Chinese Services Group (CSG) hosted its 7th CSG Leaders’ Meeting in Manila. The focus of this year’s meeting was to foster better business cooperation and facilitates Chinese investments in Southeast Asia (SEA). It also underscores the role Deloitte can proactively play in reaching out to Chinese investors to SEA countries and how Deloitte’s professionals can provide strategic investment and business guidance for local businesses.

Leaders and members from nine countries including China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar and Brunei participated in the meeting.