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Drilling & Wells

Supporting efficient and safe well delivery with a foundation of Drilling and Wells processes and management tools.

3-steps to operational excellence for Drilling & Wells departments

Drilling Process
  • lean and standardized processes ensuring value add throughout well life cycle
  • strengthen ownership and clarify responsibilities
  • improve cost predictability
  • ensure KPIs are measureable and aligned with objectives
  • complete the lessons learned cycle to ensure business value
Internal Interfaces
  • integrated processes for delivery and communication between G&G & D&W
  • ensure SCM processes are aligned with D&W core process
  • integrated resource planning to secure resource availability
  • align QHSE process to core process
  • ensure alignment of corporate processes
Supplier Management
  • categorize contracts on spend and define the contracts/services with highest and most likely ROI
  • develop strategic partnerships to ensure economy of scale
  • ensure delivery models are efficient and support objectives
  • share financial risk with suppliers
  • optimize manning through onshore support and cross training

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Bjørn Tore Kristoffersen

Bjørn Tore Kristoffersen

Head of Consulting Bergen

Bjørn Tore er partner i Deloitte Consulting og leder av Consulting Bergen. Han har ansvar for en bred gruppe konsulenter som jobber på tvers av fag- og bransjeområder. Bjørn Tore startet i Deloitte i ... Mer