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Tax Alert is a monthly publication that keeps you up to date with the latest developments in tax. The alert is compiled by our national tax specialists who are continually monitoring the outlook for new tax developments and analysing the implications for our clients.

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July 2020 Tax Alert

Special Tax Alert April 2016 Contents:

On 13 April 2016, as part of the Business Growth Agenda, the Government announced a raft of tax changes which will have an effect on businesses both small and large.

The changes that are likely to impact positively on many taxpayers are in relation to provisional tax and use of money interest regimes.  As a result, many businesses will soon fall outside of the use of money interest regime, while small and medium sized businesses will be able to pay provisional tax based on accounting income on a real-time basis (i.e. aligning tax payments with when income is earned).


Special Tax Alert April 2016

November 2014

  • Increased Inland Revenue scrutiny of financing transactions
  • A conceptual challenge: The “common voting interests” and “control by any other means” tests for associated persons
  • Inland Revenue releases final guidance on three avoidance scenarios
  • New Zealand to join global crackdown on tax evasion
  • Update on status of double tax agreement between New Zealand and Canada
  • BEPS update – discussion drafts on actions 7 and 10 released for comment


November 2014 Tax Alert

October 2014

  • Land tax myths
  • BEPS: OECD releases 7 recommendations
  • Progress from the BEPS project on Transfer Pricing Documentation and Intangibles
  • Taxpayer wins in capital vs. revenue tax case
  • Have you “chewed the FATCA” yet?
  • What does a National win mean for upcoming tax policy?
October 2014 Tax Alert

September 2014

  •  Capital gains tax eventually inevitable – so let’s debate the details
  • Residency cloud clears - taxpayer wins appeal
  • Earthquake Issues – shaking has subsided but tax problems linger
  • GST and bodies corporate – when will the mist clear?
  • Update on new director rules
September 2014 Tax Alert

August 2014

  • Important changes affecting directors and general partners
  • Tax function – positive return on sensible investment
  • Company administration costs – deductible or not?
  • Does having a property in New Zealand constitute tax residency?
  • Guidance on transitional rules for tax positions on residence updated
  • Taxation for deregistered charities and a new tax exemption for the community housing sector
  • Refunds available for employer provided accommodation
  • United Kingdom pensions – foreign tax credits
  • Update on IR position regarding when tax payments are received in time
August 2014 Tax Alert

July 2014

  • Employee allowances: the final chapter?
  • NZICA releases special purpose reporting framework
  • Updated guidance on excessive amounts paid to relatives and others
  • Transfer Pricing in the digital economy
  • Options for dealing with foreign superannuation obligations
  • Are you providing services to South African recipients?
  • Snippets from Parliament
  • Deloitte welcomes new tax partner

July 2014 Tax Alert

June 2014

  • GST - Timing errors do matter
  • Overseas borrowings on offshore rental property – a new focus
  • Questions Inland Revenue has been asked on tax avoidance
  • When is a tax resident not a tax resident?
  • Inland Revenue issues Alert over donation claims
June 2014 Tax Alert

May 2014

  • Are fringe benefits slipping under the radar?
  • Paying your tax on time – Be aware of proposed changes to IR practice!
  • Employee allowances bill reported back
  • Transfer pricing documentation and country-by-country reporting - update

May 2014 Tax Alert

April 2014

  • Tax residence - clearing the muddy waters
  • Inland Revenue’s Minimum Financial Reporting Requirements for SMEs are now finalised: What does this mean for taxpayers?
  • BEPS project ramps up
  •  Deloitte Tax Calender

Tax Alert April 2014

March 2014

  • Last minute foreign super amendment welcome
  • Tax year-end matters; GST Refunds for non-residents
  • Deloitte Tax Calendar - Have you ordered yours yet



March 2014 Tax Alert

February 2014

  • Employee share plans coming under Inland Revenue’s tax avoidance spotlight;
  • Do you have Foreign Superannuation Entitlements?
  • Residence storm brewing; The acquisition date of land – clarity still required;
  • Transfer pricing is still a hot topic;
  • Deloitte Tax Calendar – order your copy now;
February 2014 Tax Alert
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