Accounting Operations Advisory

Your trusted accounting advisory team

As a Finance leader, you need a trusted adviser to optimize your accounting, internal controls, and financial reporting processes. We are a team of assurance and accounting professionals that understand how to deliver practical solutions to address inefficiencies, increasing demands, and impacts of new technologies. All while ensuring Finance stays honest to its core activities. We are that adviser.

Our vision

Accounting Operations Assurance vision

To be the strategic partner to Finance leaders by leveraging Assurance’s deep expertise in accounting in order to build confidence in the value, accuracy, timeliness and reliability of the Controllership function. CFOs, VP Finances, Controllers, and other Finance leaders are tasked with governing most, if not all, the following inputs and their respective outputs: Complex accounting, new accounting standards, transaction processing, procure-to-pay, Order-to-cash, Consolidations, Adjustments, Reconciliations, Reporting, External Audits, Internal Controls.

Increasing demands, existing inefficiencies and the impact of technology

Finance’s broadening role results in competing interests which pull Finance leaders away from the controllership to initiatives that require them to partner with the rest of the organization, such as, strategic transactions. Also, the existing bottlenecks within the Controllership could be impeding your ability to focus on the value-add activities which those charged with governance are demanding of you. Furthermore, external forces such as technology advancements are rendering existing infrastructure obsolete or no longer fit for purpose.

Accounting Operations Assurance services recognize that Finance leaders need a partner they can work collaboratively with to evaluate their people, processes, infrastructure & controls, and to deliver practical and pragmatic solutions to address increasing demands, existing inefficiencies, and impacts of new technologies, while ensuring Finance remains honest to its core activities.

Accounting diagnostics

Services that provide confidence in the current state of Finance organization's people, process, infrastructure, and controls. Across each pillar of Finance, Assurance works collaboratively to identify gaps and potential strategic opportunities for organizations to validate and consider implementing as part of their Finance strategy.

Internal financial controls assurance

Services that provide confidence in an organization’s control environment, ensuring a framework that meets financial, operational, and legal requirements. These services may include a review and redesign of controls in a specific business area in response to a control issue, and assistance with selection and implementation of enabling IT technology to support the process of controls automation. Furthermore, Deloitte can support organizations with addressing regulator and marketplace demands to manage third-party risk with readiness and attestation services.

Accounting infrastructure services

Services that provide confidence in information technology capabilities, functional and technical systems requirements and align Finance with systems capabilities. Furthermore, services may include the development of vendor criteria to accelerate the system selection process and support organizations through selection of vendors.

Controllership apps

Services that provide confidence in a Finance team’s utilization of automation, cognitive, and visualization capabilities through the assessment of existing controllership technology, and deep expertise in the latest accounting technologies which may impact an organization.

Managed services and sourcing

Managed services and sourcing allows organizations to supplement short- and long-term Finance talent needs within the controllership, with Deloitte resources acting as a third-party service provider for management.

Key contacts

Ana Matos

Ana Matos

Partner, Audit & Assurance

Ana is Partner in the FS Group – Financial Services of Deloitte in Portugal. Her main activities are the supervision of audit services and supervision of internal controls systems reviews of banks, in... More

Andreia Isidoro

Andreia Isidoro

Associate Partner, Audit & Assurance

Andreia is currently working in the audit function with expertise in TMT and TIS industries. For the FY18 joined the NPPD team with the role of Audit and Assurance Internal Control Leader representing... More