Digital transformation in Portuguese industry

The importance of data in improving operations 

Simoldes is a digital transformation success story. The group has introduced a solution for collecting shop-floor data. It monitors the operating performance of its different industrial units and contributes to ongoing improvement.

The group is one of the country’s top exporters. It wanted to digitalise the entire manufacturing process by capturing performance data from its plants in order to help decision-making processes based on reliable information.

Deloitte implemented the proGrow solution to meet this challenge and collect data from each plant. This solution ensures transparency in the whole chain of production. It corrects deviations, identifies room for improvement and acts on variables that are key to improving productivity.

Thanks to automation and real-time data sharing using the cloud solution, people, machines and processes can now communicate and cooperate with each other in real time.

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"It was not a transformation for transformation’s sake. It was a change of culture aimed essentially at preparing us for the future.”
             Domingos Pinto, CEO Simoldes

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