Unlimited sustainable high-performance teams

Develop a balanced and high-performance corporate culture under a sustainable program. Based on a holistic and comprehensive model and a practical approach, using technology and ongoing experts' guidance.

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Do you put people first in your organization?

People are crucial to the success of every company, because it's your people that drive your organization performance.

Stress. Unbalanced lifestyle. Burnouts. Lack of commitment. Conflicts.

These are just a few variables that people face everyday, and, for leaders, the challenge is even greater.

Today, leaders must be able to navigate the change, without becoming overwhelmed, compromising their health and overall balance, while maintaining high-performance levels.

So, how is your company helping your leaders?

Balance. Direction. Adaptability.

Increasing corporate performance starts with improving personal balance. By fostering individual wellbeing and positive behaviors, we build highly engaged and performant teams.

To inspire positive performance change within organizations, leaders must be the starting point and guide the way in this transformation.
Top management layers need to go through a self-awareness journey to enhance their cognitive and behavioral capabilities, in order to develop role modelling behaviors and lead more efficient and committed teams.

Fuel can help you and your company in this transformation path for sustainable high-performance.


Do you want to start balancing your company and building a high-performance corporate culture?

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Fuel: Unlimited sustainable high-performance teams

A pioneering high-performance program combining science and technology to improve team productivity, and individual health and wellbeing within organizations.

Based on a holistic model and a practical approach, Fuel operates in the areas of cognitive performance, leadership and wellbeing, recalibrating people's behavior to progressively build a sustainable corporate culture.
By using technology to collect data about individual daily habits, and experts that work closely with participants to provide guidance on their self-awareness and optimization journey for sustainable high-performance, Fuel leads participants in a one-year customized transformation journey.

This journey is composed of four levels with different challenges to ensure that each dimension is calibrated to perfection over time, considering team goals and individual ambitions.


Anchor events

Immersive moments designed to challenge participants in individual or group tasks - the ultimate path towards better team performance.


Delivery sessions

Talks, workshops and group interactions with several goals, addressing the Fuel's dimensions: Body, Habits and behaviors


Data collection

Physical data gathering and well-being monitoring via wearable technology and the Fuel app. Behavioral observation during individual and group interactions.


Actionable feedback

Ongoing feedback to promote the adoption of positive habits and behaviors, combined with individual feedback sessions by experts to guide participants on their performance improvement journeys.

What's in it for your business?

Key Benefits


Build team commitment and trust

By creating an environment where individuals become aware of the importance of team communication, respect and social trust.


Increase corporate performance

By boosting individual and team's performance focusing on cognitive and behavioral capabilities.


Retain talent

By fostering a balanced culture with new healthy habits that will increase employees' satisfaction;

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