360º vision of the inpatient

Clinical and real-time management information system

At Deloitte, we understand the need to be at the forefront of innovation. The technological evolution and digital transformation brought challenges, but are a window of opportunities in the healthcare sector, where patient-centric models based on operational efficiency are critical.

Many healthcare facilities are using traditional inpatient whiteboards to quickly access the most relevant clinical data of their patients. This information relies on manual update procedures, is not integrated with the different information systems and cannot be shared within the health professionals and hospitalization services.



To solve this challenge, Deloitte developed ePatient, a real time clinical management information system, which allows doctors, nurses, social assistants and hospital administrators a quick access to all scattered information between multiple systems.

ePatient allows easy access and control over all the care activity provided in the context of hospitalization, for each hospitalized patient and in all inpatient services, emergency and ICU. The platform integrates and unifies in a single structured view all available indicators, but dispersed in the various information systems within the hospital ecosystem.

ePatient is a multidimensional solution consisting of a large interactive monitor and two apps. The doctors and nurses app interacts with the monitor, adding crucial features to improve the services provided. In addition, the inpatient app is integrated into the bed, allowing non-verbal communication like requesting help via a call button, creating alerts on the interactive monitor and on the doctors and nurses app.

It also allows to integrate different peripheral devices (IoT’s) making possible, automatically, to collect data to assess, control and prevent the health status of patients through vital signs.

The big data centralized in the solution are analyzed by artificial intelligence that enables the improvement of the service quality provided to the patient.

With ePatient, it is possible to know more about the patients while spending less time in front of a computer looking for data, allowing for faster and wiser decision-making and for more time to devote to what truly matters: health care.

Main functionalities

  • Quick access to over 300 indicators and their detailed information for each indicator
  • Personalization of the relevant indicators for each hospitalization service
  • Signaling patients for discussion at shift handover
  • Directly registration of clinical data and administrative in specific indicators
  • Service-defined automatic alerts management
  • Managing individual alerts by patient
  • Automatic and individual notifications
  • Access to imaging files and results
  • Access to exams or analysis results
  • Clinical Journal, Nursing Journal, and Clinical Notes registration
  • Photo capture and sharing with description
  • My inpatient selection list
  • Multi language app


  • More than 20% reduction in the average hospitalization time
  • More than 75% reduction in the average shift handover time
  • Efficiency gains in accessing and handling information by freeing resources for other uses
  • Greater capacity and decision-making power
  • Decreased physical movement of health professionals
  • Improves quality of health services provided to the patient
  • Increases the levels of collaboration and access to information among different health professionals
  • Improves quality of work for health professionals
  • Greater control over the hospitalization episode and access to information

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