Portuguese Real Estate Investment Survey - 3rd edition

A positive outlook for Portuguese real estate

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The Portuguese Real Estate Investment Survey contemplates an analysis in the light of a panel of participants who work daily in the real estate industry, highlighting the main trends and obstacles that directly affect the growth of the national sector.

In launching the 3rd edition of the Portuguese Real Estate Investment Survey, Deloitte aims to make this study a national reference tool, providing useful information regarding the dynamics and evolution of the sector.

The main study results are:

  • Overall, respondents intend to wager in an investment strategies (44%)
  • Value added investments (69%) are perceived as the preferred investment strategy
  • Banks and Sovereign funds (38% each) stand out as the main business feeders of real estate acquisitions
  • Regarding divestment strategy, respondents are more keen in selling “Core” assets (50%)
  • Funds of funds (50%) and Insurance Companies (43%) are identified as the main real estate buyers in Portugal
  • An increase in the volume and sales price for residential, retail/services and hotel sectors, and a greater profitability stability of rate, is perceived.

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