SD-WAN – Software Defined Networking

Building the network of the future

Enterprises are facing a variety of challenges which are pressuring their communication networks. Therefore, the enterprise network roadmap must answer those digitalization requirements through the adoption of network virtualisation solutions such as SD-WAN, which provides the capabilities to take the most out of their WAN, with flexibility, scalability, security and automation features.

This paper aims to present Deloitte’s Telecom Engineering Centre of Excellence EMEA (TEE CoE) proposed methodology to assess the current enterprise network paradigm and embrace the journey towards the adoption of emerging SD-WAN technology, addressing all the necessary steps that should be taken to successfully transform the enterprise Wide Area Network.

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Article 1 | Building the network of the future

How virtualisation can be the answer to the ever-increasing requirements for communications networks.

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Article 2 | Network maturity assessment

A step-by-step approach for evaluating enterprise networks.

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Article 3 | The business case for SD-WAN

An overview of the cost benefits for moving towards SD-WAN.

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Article 4 | SD-WAN proof of concept

The framework for a successful evaluation of SD-WAN solutions.

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Article 5 | SD-WAN use case

An overview of enterprise networking with Cisco SD-WAN.

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