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Guidewire Centre of Excellence

Excellence in solution implementation for the insurance business 

Guidewire provides a set of software applications for the insurance market and the Property & Casualty (P&C) area, which covers the policies, accidents, billing and payment management, as well as the digital support for brokers, agents, service providers and final clients.

We are acknowledged for our ability to reconcile all the technical parts of a business. That is why our clients trust us with the development of complex transformation processes, involving the implementation of this kind of system architectures. We count with the best specialists in the insurance markets where we operate and combine these skills with decades of experience in the implementation of software solutions for the insurance industry.

Deloitte Guidewire Academy | New edition

To address the growing impact of technology in the insurance sector and the high demand for Guidewire specialists, we launched a new edition of the Deloitte Guidewire Academy in Portugal. An academy that complements our professionals’ training and certificates them with this software through an educational program that, besides Guidewire features, includes other skills related with the insurance business, Agile methods and DevOps.

We are one of the Deloitte Member Firms with more Guidewire certified professionals and are recognized for our Guidewire Centre of Excellence (EMEA Guidewire CoE), developing projects in Portugal and in the international market- Europe, Africa and North America.

Get to know more about the 1st Edition of the Deloitte Guidewire Academy

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