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SMART Decision

Unlimited power of data

Technology is crucial for your business when it comes to real-time information and dependable insights to support your decisions.

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Have the right information available when you need it.

In an era of technological disruption, with massive amounts of data and unprecedented competitive demand to upgrade finance function with digital capabilities, well-run organizations must make fast and high-quality decisions to support their overall strategy and meet financial goals.

It’s imperative to incorporate uncertainty into the decision making process, by transforming static figures and experience into smart tools and a strong guidance to manage complex decisions.

Your company requires the right business insights and real-time information to drive growth and profitability.

How to make better decisions for your business?

Plan, Monitor and Report. Convert data into reliable and consistent information, with planning and forecasting in one tool only. Leverage cognitive and AI solutions, add deeper insights as well as predictive and prescriptive capabilities on both planning and reporting.

At Deloitte, we help you transform your decision making into a robust and data-driven process, combining information, technology, models and data analytics.


We imagine, deliver and run the future of business finance,
transforming the decision making process into a competitive advantage.

Make smart decisions

SMART Decision: unlimited power of data

SMART Decision framework integrates the data from the company’s different internal sources and converts it into information, providing data visualization tools and insights for an overall view of the business performance. It presents information in a set of dashboards with the results of all the company's segments and provides dynamic analysis for the entire model or specific business areas (e.g. sales, claims, costs, solvency, provisions, and impairment).

What’s in it for your business?

Key Benefits


Agile & integrated planning

  • Leverage driver-based methodologies and forecast
  • Reduce planning cycles
  • Promote business involvement and integration

Insight driven organization

  • Retain competitive advantage
  • Reduce decision-making cost
  • Leverage cognitive and AI solutions

Personalized & intuitive reporting

  • Tailored reports to each user’s role
  • Mobile optimized data visualization – auto-pushed to end-users
  • Usage of Cloud/ mobile platforms to disseminate reporting

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