Valuations, Modelling, Economics 

Investment decisions, either strategic or operational, increasingly demand blended skills of valuation, modelling and economic analysis.


The valuation of an asset is a complex undertaking, grounded in the combination of data analysis, business knowledge and market analysis.

Our network of industry experts offers unparalleled services in valuing companies and businesses, intellectual property, brands and other intangible assets, in any corporate context.


Business Modelling

We help our clients develop planning and control frameworks, allowing for the development of simple and effective tools that support strategic planning. Our financial models effectively translate the complex reality of our clients, providing a clear view that helps the decision making process.


Business Plans and Feasibility Analyses

Our professionals have unparalleled industry knowledge and extensive technical experience, which allows them to develop a differentiated approach to business plans, feasibility studies and financial projections, depending on whether those are oriented to existing businesses, “greenfield” projects, refinancing, growth plans, mergers or acquisitions.

Our industry-focused attitude allows for a distinctive approach, taking advantage from our deep knowledge of each industry’s critical factors and trends, grounded in benchmarks built over many years of market leadership. 


Economic Consulting

We work with companies, governments and regulators alike in matters related to competition, regulation, public policies and market studies that support the many industry stakeholders.


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