Frequently Asked Questions

Romania's Best Managed Companies

  • Companies with revenues of or greater than 10 million euro;
  • Romanian-owned private company including private equity portfolio companies OR
  • Foreign-owned, Romanian-based headquarters; private company where management team resides in Romania; OR
  • Romanian-owned closely held public company with fewer than 50% of their shares or units traded
  • Ineligible entities include banking establishments and credit organisations, insurance companies, subsidiaries of foreign groups, public sector establishments, charities and non-profit organisations. Additionally, all companies will be subject to independence review and verification

Phase 1

By clicking on "Apply", approximately 10 minutes are required to complete your application and submit it.

Phase 2

At the end of the process, if you are eligible, ie you meet the application criteria, you will be contacted to compile a detailed file. You will need to describe your positioning and the way you address the four pillars that form the foundation of the program. This step may require the involvement of your various functions (HR, marketing, finance, etc.) and may be handled by several employees. It takes about two half-days in total to develop a complete file.

To prepare your file, a Deloitte partner or director pair - who will be your referents throughout the program - will accompany you in particular during a meeting of about half a day to highlight the elements that characterize you.

During this stage, your company demonstrates how it meets the characteristics of the program from the perspective of the four pillars: strategy, culture and commitment, innovation and resources, governance and finance. This step is decisive for preparing a complete file.

You can involve different stakeholders within your organization. This meeting can take place at your premises, at our offices, or online.

Companies are assessed on the following four pillars, it being specified that they will all include a CSR component.

  • Adopt a formal strategy development method
  • Ensure that it takes into account all stakeholders
  • Put in place the necessary means and resources to measure and execute it
  • Communicate this strategy clearly and regularly at all levels of the organization
Resources and innovation
  • Valuing skills and resources
  • Be resolutely focused on execution
  • Focus on productivity and innovation
  • Onboard top talent to deploy the business model and strategy
Culture and commitment
  • Have a corporate culture
  • Promote the development of management teams and employees
  • Offer a comprehensive compensation plan
  • Fostering an Inclusive Culture
  • Develop a business continuity plan
Governance and financial aspects
  • Have a structured governance
  • Use performance indicators as a measurement tool
  • Have a good financial management necessary for the growth of the turnover, the improvement of the operating margin and the development of the assets

This evaluation of the different pillars should make it possible to measure, on the one hand, the differentiating elements of the company and, on the other hand, its ability to address the current challenges of ecological and climate transition, economic and financial transition, the transition of governance and social and societal transition.

In Romania, an independent jury made up of institutional representatives evaluates the applications and awards the Best Managed Companies label. It will meet in July-August 2022. Deloitte is not a member of the jury.

The program does not set a specific number of winners each year. Importance is given to the quality of applications in order to preserve the excellence of the label in all countries, year after year.


Companies are labeled for one year and can apply each year to renew their label, which allows them to retain all the advantages.


First of all, we will explain to the companies the reasons which led to the non-obtaining of the label and the areas for improvement which were identified by the jury. The advantage of renewing their candidacy for candidates who have not been selected will be in particular to demonstrate their ability to progress.


All we ask is a little of your time.


Your information is kept strictly confidential, which ensures the integrity and continued success of the program. Only the Deloitte referents who work directly with you and the jury will be aware of it and are also subject to the rules of confidentiality.

Records are treated confidentially and the program adheres to Deloitte's strict confidentiality and privacy policies. By submitting your file, you will be required to accept the content of the privacy statement.


The applications received are managed discreetly, therefore the names of the candidates are confidential. Only the names of labeled companies are announced where appropriate.

The Best Managed Companies receive a label and not an award which would imply “winners” and “losers” or a ranking. Best Managed Companies rewards a company as a whole; it is therefore all the employees who are put forward. We value collective performance, that's what makes the difference.

  • You will benefit from extensive media exposure and increased market visibility
  • You will have the opportunity to use the Best Managed Companies label on your internal and external communication media
  • You will be able to promote your company in all its dimensions (Strategy, HR, Finance, CSR, etc.) and share this distinction with all employees.
  • You will be part of the community of the 1,000 Best Managed Companies in the world
  • You will have the opportunity to share your best practices and initiate possible business relationships with other labeled companies
  • You will be regularly invited to inner circle meetings on a wide range of topics
  • You will benefit from continuous support from Deloitte and its partners who will animate this network to ensure its dynamism
  • You will be able to participate in events dedicated to the Best Managed Companies program and in particular in the ceremony for awarding the labels to the winners.