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Women in Deloitte

#WomenInDeloitte is a campaign dedicated to women in Deloitte Romania, showing their personal stories beyond the professional success and their advice for young people.

Madeline Alexander

“I would have loved to be a teacher because we take students from university and we build careers for them”, says Madeline Alexander, Audit Partner Deloitte Romania. By inspiring them to learn, be positive and confident, she keeps alive the story of women-leaders in our firm.

Carmen Baibarac

“I help people”: this is how Carmen Baibarac, HR Director Deloitte Romania, defines her every day work. This feeds her with energy, inspiration and motivation. Carmen is one of the 84 women that hold top positions in the company.

Alina Mirea

„Personal development comes from the level of friendship that surrounds us and from the experiences that we share together.” For Alina Mirea, Partner Deloitte Romania, the people that are working together with her are the key for growth and professional success.

Simina Mut

“Wow, if it weren’t for me these people would not have been here!” is recalling Simina Mut, Associate Partner at Reff & Associates, about a conference organized a few years ago. In turn, she was later invited to London at an event dedicated to financing in emerging markets.

Sorina Mardare

After a career of 20 years in Deloitte, Sorina Mardare, Partner Deloitte Romania, is still enthusiastic regarding her work. How is she doing it? “I have always enjoyed and even after 20 years of work I still like the fact that here I discover insights from different businesses. The variety of things that may happen in one single day is very important for me”, says she.

Silvia Axinescu

“When I go to the theatre, everything seems much easier, it fills me with a feeling of kindness and beauty that helps me get through more difficult moments”, said Silvia Axinescu, Managing Associate at Reff & Associates. For someone who works many hours a day, this passion is a source of inspiration and creativity.

Monica Tariuc

“What I like most at my job is the team I am part of. We are beautiful, diverse people with different ideas and personalities. We are one for the money and one for the show.” Monica Tariuc, Manager at Deloitte Romania, remembers that she starting to work when she was in her second year in college. Since then 8 years have passed and many have changed, but her passion and enthusiasm are the same.

Adriana Lobda

„Pentru mine, un audit este asemenea unui musical: fiecare are un scenariu, are personaje, scene de desfăşurare diferite, dar, mai ales, are o poveste.” Poveştile sunt despre oameni, despre pasiunea şi curajul lor. Aşa îşi descrie munca Adriana Lobdă, Partener Deloitte România.

Narcisa Ichim

“A space that doesn’t need many words and where time seems to have patience,” says our colleague Narcisa Ichim, Manager. Her passion for photography has started with a small camera in her backpack. From snapshots with friends to the details of nature you cannot do anything without light.

Oana Petrescu

“Being a consultant gave me the opportunity to meet people that I admire and respect, and these meetings made me who I am today, both as a person and a business woman.” A top consultant with a significant contribution to the development of the Romanian banking industry, Oana Petrescu, Partner in Charge in Deloitte Romania, speaks about her career of 25 years.

Raluca Stoica

Fair play, teamwork and focus on the game strategy: Raluca Stoica, Senior Associate at Deloitte Romania, believes that “Every transaction is similar to a team game in which you know the players, the rules of the game, but you learn the score only at the end.”

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