Creșterea unui brand printr-o abordare trans generațională a profilării consumatorilor


Millennials and beyond

Brand growth through a cross-generational approach to consumer profiling

Millennials aren’t so vain that they think a pitch is about them. Marketers often generalize consumer profiles, an approach that can be overly myopic. There are ways to avoid taking a stereotypical view of consumers and deploying a more nuanced approach.

Consumer products organizations are investing significant marketing and innovation dollars addressing Millennials, and Gen Z is also emerging as a significant target, but a heightened marketing focus on Millennials may be eclipsing the potential appeal of older generations with greater spending power.

We identified four potential consumer segments that represent a more nuanced, sophisticated approach to profiling consumers that can help marketing organization avoid stereotypical marketing strategies, while helping them identify the segments that will drive business results.

The four consumer segments include:

  • Aspirationalists
  • Responsible Go-Getters
  • Pragmatists
  • Discerning Achievers
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