Debt Restructuring/Financial position improvement


Debt Restructuring/Financial position improvement

When required? While mitigating crisis impact, it is crucial to have a medium and long-term approach to support the company perform again. This may include debt and funding, as well as assets disposal or acquisition.

Dedicated services:

-      Debt restructuring - Support to acquire new financing, restructure current liabilities

  • Identify flexibility with existing lenders
  • Assist in renegotiation with lenders by performing independent business review and identifying and valuing additional collateral
  • Explore additional financing options using up-to-date knowledge of crisis finance packages
  • Use reforecasting to define the gap / ask, identify collateral and structuring opportunities and engage lenders early.
  • Demonstrate that the business is doing its part and seek committed but undrawn lines of credit as a buffer

-      Alternative lending for strategic sectors - Support to acquire new business/competitors

  • Existing lenders may be at their risk limit for a single credit or sector
  • Alternative lenders that can deploy capital flexibly at short notice may offer an alternative solution, though clearly the terms will need to be negotiated
  • The terms of any support package may have to be rapidly negotiated and agreed , with hastily assembled security packages to support new funding. A consensus-building approach will be essential for lenders
  • crisis-related financing solutions may be urgent and non-standard. This may require expert guidance and knowledge of the special-situations market to bring new sources of capital into play alongside existing lenders on acceptable terms.

-      Distress M&A: disposal of non-core assets - In the context of market contraction, even the most successful companies may need to address and reconsider the future of underperforming or non-core assets/operations

  • Our experts provide an objective perspective to any exit process, working in collaboration with the clients' internal resources and our experts in multiple jurisdictions, to develop and implement the optimal plans for non-core parts of the business.
  • Focus on delivering the maximum value for clients in what are inevitably complex, time-pressured and unpredictable circumstances by implementing a tailored transaction strategy to preserve and realize value for stakeholders, designing and executing robust, value-maximizing M&A processes, identifying and rapidly engaging with relevant acquirers, maximizing competitive tension, retaining optionality throughout the process

-      Real estate acquisitions/disposals- Family business looking to acquire real estate to protect against inflation

  • Expertise in organizing bespoke, efficient and rapid real-estate acquisition/disposal processes of client assets that support value maximization
  • Intimate knowledge of Romanian market players and unique insights into critical factors behind successful asset acquisitions/disposals and achievement of best transaction terms.
  • In the context of a disposal, preparing the case for sale including information content and information memorandum, identification of relevant acquirers, investor selection and liaising, data room and due diligence process management, negotiation of transaction terms.
  • In the context of an acquisition, planning of your acquisition strategy, market screening and identification of relevant acquisition opportunities for your strategy through our intimate knowledge of the local market.


Radu Dumitrescu

Radu Dumitrescu

Partner-in-Charge Financial Advisory

Radu Dumitrescu has almost 20 years of experience in financial analysis, audit, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, project funding advisory and litigation assistance. He joined Deloitte Romania ... More

Dragoș Cruceru

Dragoș Cruceru

Director, Corporate Finance Advisory

Dragos Cruceru is a Director in the Romanian Financial Advisory Practice, Corporate Finance Advisory service line. He has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, privatization advise, core a... More