Dispute resolution

Rely on excellence and expertise in legal proceedings

Your issue: Objective opinion and evidence provided by an independent financial expert supporting the settlement or determination of a commercial dispute.

You may require us to assist you in the scope of:

  • Fairness opinions;
  • Lost profit and damage calculations;
  • Mergers & acquisitions (earn-out agreements, material adverse changes, purchase price adjustments, warranties and representations);
  • Intellectual property infringement;
  • Bankruptcy (preferences and fraudulent transfers);
  • Real estate litigation and construction claims;
  • Insurance and business interruption claims;
  • Regulatory litigation.

Our solution

We provide dispute resolution services as financial consultants, as well as testifying expert in litigation and in alternative dispute resolutions - such as international arbitration and mediation.

Our team supports clients from initial case assessment and strategy development over expert report preparation and settlement negotiations, to expert testimony at trial.

Deloitte experts possess unique skills in gathering and preparing economic evidence and to communicate convincingly to a trier of fact.