Portfolio valuation advisory

Control complexities of financial services

Your issue: As alternative investment company (private equity, hedge fund, investment fund, fund of funds, investment manager and financial institution) you are facing intense scrutiny and attention from stakeholders due to increasing complexity of your investments.

In response you intend to adopt well-defined, consistently applied valuation policies and procedures to comply with relevant reporting standards and industry best practice.

You may require us to provide valuation advice for complex assets, particularly when there are liquidity or marketability concerns:

  • Performing and non-performing loan portfolios;
  • Residential and commercial mortgages;
  • Common and preferred equity;
  • Debt instruments;
  • Derivatives.

Our solution

Our professionals bring a deep understanding of the complexities associated with private equity, venture capital and hedge funds, and can help when estimating the value of fractional equity interests or financial instruments, or analyzing a portfolio manager’s valuation estimates for reporting purposes.

When you need valuations with deep insights into the constituent assets of fund portfolios, tailored to regulatory requirements or specific client circumstances, Deloitte can help.