Regulatory and compliance valuations

Build resilience towards authorities and regulators

Your issue: Compliance with commercial and tax law or other regulatory provisions requiring independent expert opinions on fair market value of businesses and separate assets. Optimizing deal structures in the light of asset or business value. Documentation of appropriate transfer prices.

You my require us to assist you in the scope of:

  • Mergers, spin-offs, squeeze outs;
  • Public offering and de-listing;
  • Contribution in kind;
  • Capital transactions;
  • Related party transactions (transfer pricing);
  • Insolvency (liquidation and reorganization).

Our solution

Our valuation and modelling experts, together with our tax, legal and accounting advisors, provide valuable insights related to the analysis of financial, accounting and tax implications of corporate transactions.

Our valuation reports enable you to understand and document transactions meeting highest professional standards and expectations of regulatory authorities.