Whistleblowing Services

The topic of whistleblowing has become one of immediate attention nowadays, with the introduction of the new Whistleblowing European Directive in 2019, looking to increase the protection of the persons reporting misconduct and to impose organisations with fifty employees or more to set up internal channel for reporting breaches. Organisations are now enforced to have implemented secure reporting channels by 2021, as per the previsions of the European Directive.

Deloitte is a recognized global provider of independent whistleblowing solutions to corporate and public sector entities across the globe. Our goal is to help organisations to minimize workplace misconduct and strengthen governance effectively. Issues such as fraud, bribery and corruption, misconduct, harassment, bullying, and unethical behavior are all risks that have the potential to cause financial and reputational damage to organisations when left undetected.

Deloitte Conduct Watch, our digital whistleblowing solution equips organisations with secure and confidential reporting channels layered with advanced security features. Our team offers the Deloitte Conduct Watch service globally, both online and as a call center service with various language capabilities. Whistleblowers can lodge a disclosure 24/7, confidentially, from anywhere around the world. Deloitte Conduct Watch can be presented to potential whistleblowers within an organisation as either a Deloitte service or as the organisation’s own service, customized to its own circumstances and requirement.

Whistleblower reports are organized in a structured case management tool within Conduct Watch that helps the client’s authorized users to review and manage all disclosures. Deloitte Conduct Watch can also act as a communication channel between the client and the whistleblower, while maintaining and protecting whistleblower anonymity.

Whistlelink – a web-based whistleblowing solution

Whistlelink is a web-based whistleblowing solution for companies and organizations. The ambition is that Whistlelink shall be the most user-friendly whistleblowing system in the world. A simple and safe whistleblowing channel brings significant impact to individuals, organizations and the society at large.

Whistlelink aspires to be viewed as the local option in all countries and the system is available in 40+ languages and hosted in Sweden. The company behind Whistlelink is ISO 27001 certified - information security management.

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Burcin Atakan

Burcin Atakan

Partner Financial Advisory

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Alexandru Nae

Assistant Director, Forensic Services

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Elton Mata


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