Findings from the global consumer survey on digital banking


Accelerating digital transformation in banking

Findings from the global consumer survey on digital banking

Consumers around the globe expect their banks to act and interact more like top technology brands. Our latest global consumer survey on digital banking reveals where the gaps are—and what banks can do to meet heightened expectations.

The Deloitte Center for Financial Services surveyed 17,100 banking consumers across 17 countries in May to measure the current state of banks’ digital engagement. The survey results support Deloitte’s belief that restructuring organizations around different stages of customer interaction will be the next frontier for digital banking by putting the “real in digital and digital in real.”

Across the globe, consumers fell into one of three distinct segments: traditionalists, online embracers, or digital adventurers and the results revealed clear differences regarding digital attitudes and behaviors among these consumers.

This study is the latest in a suite of thought leadership efforts that address digital banking. Despite differences and nuances across geographies, we noticed a common, key theme: There needs to be an evolution in how consumers interact with their banks, and customers are expecting that progression to begin now.

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