Regional Audit Delivery Center

About Us

Who we are

RADC Bucharest is one of the Regional Audit Delivery Centers (RADCs) across the world and it represents a powerful driver of transformation, helping us reimagine audit and be an undisputed leader in professional services.

Our Vision

To continually enhance our audit quality by accelerating audit transformation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver high quality, standardized procedures with the latest technology and solutions, as well as to develop engaged professionals by providing them with an environment where they can thrive by enabling effective, integrated teams aligned to the pursuit of excellence.

Our centre in numbers

We are part of the Regional Audit Delivery Centre Network

RADC Bucharest is part of a strongly integrated Deloitte network of Global Delivery Centers that operates across the world. We benefit from the experience of a wide variety of people, industries and services to deliver high quality deliverables.

RADCs are offsite locations with dedicated resources who support Deloitte Audit & Assurance teams by performing tasks that can be more effectively handled in a centralized manner. This means we can provide world-class results to stakeholders in the most efficient way. We understand our clients' operations, their industries and the issues they face. We know an audit is not about looking back, but about helping those businesses to plan for a successful future. We prepare ourselves to meet increasing regulatory demands, and, more importantly, live up to our own highest standards of quality. At the same time, we create more opportunities for our professionals at Deloitte. At RADCs and across the organization, professionals can pursue the career paths that make the best use of their talents and expertise.