Real Estate - Our Services

Real estate today is a hard market to read. When – and where – does an astute company take the plunge into the commercial property market? Issues of timing and location often can be as crucial as the amount of capital earmarked for such a transition.

We have the scale of resources you require, the quality, creativity and breadth of view that enables us to deliver insights that can change the way you work and what you achieve.

Real estate Audit & ERS

Our goal is to be seen as “the audit firm of quality.” Although we offer a wide range of services and products, auditing remains at the very heart of our business and we will continue to invest in our audit methodology. Expertise is available across a wide range of services tailored for the Real estate industry:

  • Statutory audit
  • IFRS
  • Internal audit services (i.e. outsourcing)
  • Technology assurance
  • Third party assurance (licenses, franchises, and distributors)
  • Accounting for trade promotions
  • Corporate responsibility consulting and assurance
  • Euro conversion/advisory
  • Market risk management
  • Cash management
  • Purchase price allocation

Real estate FAS

  • Strategic finance
  • Strategic analyses
  • Financial restructuring
  • Capital market advisory
  • Post-deal integrations
  • Public private partnership
  • Exit strategies
  • Liquidation of companies


  • Debt and capital raising
  • IPO services
  • Purchase price allocation services

Transaction development and support

  • Financial due diligence
  • Advisory on share purchase agreements
  • Price mechanisms

Valuation and modelling services

  • Business valuation
  • Business plans

Real estate Management Consulting

Strategy & operations

  • Re-thinking and re-designing organisations processes
  • Helping clients to understand the benefits of initiatives, and managing the successful execution thereof
  • Includes corporate strategy research, including general, competitor and market analysis
  • CFO services
  • Asset portfolio optimisation

Human capital

  • Creating effective organisational structures
  • Managing the people dimension of business transformations, including systems implementation

Enterprise applications

  • Implementing and customising enterprise package solutions such as JDEdwards, Oracle, Peoplesoft, and SAP


  • Designing IT solutions to help solve business challenges through the integration of technology

Real estate Tax

Advisory services focused on the acquisition of real estate

  • Tax planning in the event of real estate investments ◦Tax aspects of debt/equity financing
    • Tax efficient financing to minimize interest charges to be capitalized
    • Establishment of a tax-wise ownership structure
    • Profit optimisation including repatriation strategies
    • Subsequent re-structuring
    • Maximazing corporate income tax losses utilisation
  • Tax optimisation in the event of transactions (buying/selling) 
    • Asset/share deals with residents and non-residents
    • Treatment of expenses related to the acquisition of infrastructure
  • Consulting on mergers and acquisitions
  • Our services relating to the proper tax treatment of infrastructure built by a developer, optimization of the expenses incurred on various constructions to be handed over to municipal authorities, as mostly required in local authority approvals
  • VAT optimisation strategies during and after reconstruction

Advisory services focused on owning real estate

  • Tax optimisation of real estate portfolios, i.e. we can help with issues connected with the classification of real estate for tax purposes, tax depreciation charges calculations, technical improvements of real estate, infrastructure, easements and other services connected with this area
  • Contract reviews
  • Real estate leasing, i.e. the tax consequences of concluding leases and other contracts, issues related to the fit-outs made to leased real estate by tenants, both VAT and corporate tax consequences of terminating the lease contracts
  • Current transfer pricing policy reviews and outlining main areas of exposure, if any, with respect to the overall group tax position and long-term business strategy
  • Tax methodology aid for inter-group companies, analysis of the tax treatment of cash flows between such companies, and solving risky tax issues
  • Real estate tax issues

Advisory services focused on the sale/transfer of real estate

  • Tax optimisation in the event of transactions (sale/transfer), i.e. asset/share deals with residents and non-residents
  • Elimination of prospective risks and negative impacts of the transaction process
  • Optimisation and tax structuring of the sale/transfer process with respect to financing and other aspects
  • VAT and real estate transfer tax consequences