Why Cyber?

In today’s evolving digital world, each interaction with employees, vendors, supply chain partners and customers should be based on trust, the essence of every relationship . Additionally, considering customer requirements constantly change, new business models regularly emerge, and disruptive events are becoming even more frequent, the collaboration with all stakeholders should remain sustainable and secure.

The comprehensive expertise in cybersecurity of Deloitte Romania’s professionals, enhanced by the capabilities of our global network of cyber experts, are able to offer holistic solutions consisting of strategy, detect and response and identity services in order to help organizations realize the potential of digitization, protect valuable assets and enable innovative business models.

Our experience with cybersecurity could enable organizations to build a culture of trust among their employees, the main player in their ecosystem and to safeguard their reputation.

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  • Zero Trust
  • Protection
  • Identity


The shift to remote work and cloud-based services means more critical business operations are being conducted outside the corporate network. With this increased flexibility comes greater risk—cybercriminals have more opportunities than ever to infiltrate. As the enterprise...
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  • Deep Resilience
  • Cyber Transformation
  • Crisis Management


The cyber resilience of organizations within the digital space is critical and relies on three main pillars: gap visibility, security transformation and crisis simulation. Defining the cyber strategy starts with the inventory of the attack surface exposed to malicious actors, both external...
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  • Pentesting
  • Assess Weaknesses
  • Prevention


The exposure of an organization to cyber-attacks is inevitable in an evolving digital world. Understanding the threats that are facing and the vulnerabilities of their systems is paramount for companies that what to reduce their cyber-attack profile. Therefore, organizing periodical...
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A practical deep dive into our cyber capabilities

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A unique opportunity to discover and debate the most important topics related to cybersecurity
Deloitte’s events dedicated to CEOs, CISOs, CIOs, business continuity and crisis management leaders or incident response practitioners offer the opportunity to discover and debate the most important topics related to cybersecurity. These events create an in-depth conversation about the toughest issues that organizations face in today’s evolving digital world.

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This series of articles aims to become a source of inspiration for those who are passionate about cybersecurity and want to decode even more security topics that revolve around red team activities.

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