The exposure of an organization to cyber-attacks is inevitable in an evolving digital world. Understanding the threats that are facing and the vulnerabilities of their systems is paramount for companies that what to reduce their cyber-attack profile. Therefore, organizing periodical ethical hacks to continuously assess weaknesses could be the solution to prevent cyber attackers from potentially breaching defences.

Deloitte Romania’s diverse team of offensive security professionals are meticulously following industry standard trainings as well as developing their own methodologies, including commonly used penetration testing techniques, tools and risk management. Moreover, the team has proven experience across various engagements, spanning different industries and sectors.

Our expertise

The members of the Cyber Risk Advisory team within Deloitte Romania hold numerous industry-recognized certifications, regularly participate in Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions to further enhance their skills and have uncovered more than 130 0days in commercial and opensource software. These certifications come from industry standard certification authorities like Offensive Security, SANS, eLearn security, Pentester academy, etc.

The following assessment is among the most important ethical hacks that a company should consider in order to understand its security vulnerabilities.

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