Romanian Tax Authority implements e-invoicing obligations


Romanian Tax Authority implements e-invoicing obligations

Electronic invoice reporting is mandatory

2022 is the year of digitalization for the Romanian Tax Authority. After SAF-T reporting, the new obligation for companies is to use the electronic invoicing (“RO e-Factura”). This is mandatory for certain companies and categories of products.

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What is RO e-Factura?

It is an IT protocol for reporting, storing and downloading of invoices through the servers of the Romanian Tax Authority.

What are the legal deadlines?

  • From 1.04.2022 Travel agencies or economic operators that carry out tourism activities in B2C relationship for the invoices issued based on holiday vouchers.
  • From 1.07.2022 Companies that issue invoices towards public entities of the Romanian state (B2G).
  • From 1.07.2022 Companies that supply products of high fiscal risk (vegetables and fruits, alcoholic drinks, water, beverages, new constructions, mineral products, clothing and footwear in B2B. The exhaustive list is available.
  • From 2023 all companies and for all products and services (B2B, B2C, B2G) - not yet official legislation

What companies are in scope?

In the first stage of implementation:

  • companies that sell products and services to public entities;
  • manufacturers, distributors and retailers of high fiscal risk products;
  • construction companies, real estate developers;
  • travel agencies, hotel chains, accommodation units.

Starting 2023 potentially all companies for all products and services.

How can Deloitte help you?

Deloitte developed an IT application (VATOnline) that is running successfully for 100+ companies since 2018 in other EU countries.

VATOnline can connect with any ERP or invoicing software and allows automated reporting and reception of electronic invoices on Romanian Tax Authority servers. The tool can also function on a SaaS model (not connected to your system).

Additional functionalities are also available.

For more information, please contact us.