Payroll and HR Administration


Payroll and HR Administration

Our advanced information technology enable us to provide secure services for fulfilling payroll and HR obligations to our clients. By computerising the process, we save on time and cost for our clients.

Regular Maintenance of Payroll Records

Based on your decision, we can maintain payroll records on your employees and prepare employee salaries. Concurrently, we can inform you of any obligatory tax, social security or health insurance payments that you are required to deduct from your employees’ salaries and credit to the relevant institutions. As part of our payroll services, we can register and remove your employees from the Social Security Administration Office Register and health insurers’ records.

Preparation of Payroll Records

• Centre for the preparation of payroll records with the help of Deloitte
• Payment administration, reporting & Home-banking
• Payroll administration
• Registration requirements
• Accounting review, review of social security and health insurance
• Employees leaving
• Reporting

Effective Technology with On-line Access

We prepare the salaries of our clients’ employees using a payroll system which supports automatic transferring of data from the client’s attendance files into our payroll system. The used payroll system automatically processes payment orders and reports payroll data to the client and also to the Tax Authority, the Social Security Administration and health insurers. Using the allocated password, clients can view their data relating to salaries at any time.


Based on the agreed conditions, we can perform, on your behalf, all direct transfers and payments of salaries as well as other obligatory deductions from the accounts of your employees and to the relevant institutions.

Annual Settlement of Income Tax Advance Payments

In connection with the maintenance of payroll records, we can perform an annual settlement of income tax advance payments for your employees or issue a statement of paid taxable income and taxes withheld.

Human Resources

At your request, we can prepare a part of the documents required for various employment arrangements under Romanian labour law.

Other Services

At your request, we can provide you with other services related to your payroll and employment obligations.

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