IT Cost Optimisation

IT cost optimization is the practice of reducing spending, reducing costs, managing service levels and showing the business value of IT. IT cost optimization is a top priority for organizations and CIOs and can be a result of investments or just by rationalization of use. It can be initiated for short or long term results and can be done during economic downturn or growth or other transformational changes in an organization.

IT cost optimization, undertaken at strategic as well as tactical levels and across all process domains, supports organizations to produce results, improve their performance and design return-to-growth strategies. Activities include assessment of organization’s potential benefits, customer impact, time, risks and investment needs.

Setting up and optimize ICT service management using best practice: 

  • Optimisation and setting up of ICT management in compliance with business goals
  • Assessment, setting up  and optimisation of  ICT service management processes 
  • Optimisation of ICT service management costs and planned ICT investments

Key benefits of optimal ICT management approach:

  • Flexible reaction to business requirements and expectations and quality assurance 
  • Effective use of ICT resources and funds