Project management support in end-to-end ICT implementation

Delivering projects ahead of schedule and under budget is the goal of every manager, but making those goals a reality can be quite a challenge. One way companies can make the most of their projects and gain extra value is to hire an external resource specializing in guiding projects to their successful resolution. External managers can help to trim costs and avoid costly mistakes. Mistakes made during the planning phase of a project can have far reaching implications, but a good manager can help your firm avoid those common pitfalls.

All too often individuals with no project management experience are tasked with leading complex and mission-critical projects for large organizations. With help of an external manager those individuals can gain the confidence they need to lead those complicated projects, and bring them in on time and under budget. Even with experienced managers in-house, using an external resource can help with a new point of view and valuable experience.

Project management support consists of:

  • Implementation of project, risk and quality management activities in line with a well-proven methodology
  • Expert support, predominantly in the phases of concept definition, development, testing, training, transition preparation and acceptance 

Key benefits to customer when using an external project manager: 

  • Project delivery in a controlled environment (time, quality, budget);
  • Releasing internal capacities, gaining expertise and external supervision.