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Regulatory Risk Services

As regulatory policy initiatives continually evolve, the volume, frequency and complexity of regulatory requirements in risk management is increasing. The main task is to navigate those challenges through identification of process improvement opportunities to ensure the effective and consistent fulfillment of regulatory obligations.

Emerging new technologies, constantly changing regulations and ever-evolving business needs shift the ground beneath your feet. We can help you re-write the story, one where you can identify and manage risks and issues in advance, use technology to your advantage and free up your resources to focus on the future, making the most of every opportunity, compliantly and responsibly.

We have dedicated team of professionals in providing of services that address the risks associated with the full lifecycle of financial transactions in the following fields:

• Regulatory Risk Management

• Financial Accounting Framework

• Rating and scoring models and methods

• Design of Risk Systems

• ESG Risk

• Macroeconomic Modelling.

We are also providing services in the risk management relevant topics for Due Diligences, M&A, Finance Transformation, responding to regulatory and market requirements.

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