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Попут Oracle клауд решења, Deloittе у пружању услуга клијентима превазилази географска и организациона ограничења. У фебруару 2016, Deloitte је постао први члан Oracle Партнерске мреже (OPN) који је стекао Oracle Global Cloud Elite статус, а фирме чланице широм света су одржале највиши ниво односа сарадње са Oracle-ом током више од две деценије.

Уз више од 17.300 доступних Oracle стручњака у Deloitte фирмама чланицама, ретко ко може да управља сложеним међународним пројектима тако као ми. Наши тимови пружају услуге путем слојевитог модела који комбинује глобалне центре пружања услуга, оквире сарадника, праксу прилагодљивог управљања радном снагом и услуге одржавања апликација. Такође, када је потребно, можемо да се ослонимо на Deloitte-ове функционалне стручњаке у области људског капитала, ланца набавке, пословног ризика, пореза и осталих. То нам омогућава да окупимо праву мешавину пословног и технолошког талента како бисмо откључали Oracle пословну вредност на бази клауда буквално било где на свету.

Претражите садржај

Deloitte is Oracle’s first Platinum Global Cloud Elite-level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) and has been at the highest alliance level for more than two decades. More than just a designation, our status shows that Deloitte has made—and continues to make—significant investments in growing its Oracle delivery capabilities.

Although many consulting organizations boast global capabilities, few can manage complex international projects as effectively as we do. Why? We deliver through a global, tiered model that combines global delivery centers, associate frameworks, contingent workforce management practices and application maintenance services to put the right talent in the right place at the right time.

Over the past few years, the technology landscape has shifted and been reborn in the shape of The Cloud. Cloud technology is here for the long haul, and its applications are both practical and efficient, enabling implementations to propel your business forward and drive value. As Oracle’s only Global Cloud Elite partner, Deloitte is well versed in Oracle Cloud technology and implementations, including:

  • Oracle HCM Cloud
  • Oracle Marketing Cloud
  • Oracle ERP Cloud
  • Oracle Customer Experience Cloud
  • Oracle Supply Chain Cloud
  • Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud

Not sure if your organization is ready for the Cloud? Deloitte can help there too. Our Oracle Cloud Transition Lab offers a customized working session for organizations interested in exploring what the cloud could bring to their business. Set in a structured environment, Deloitte’s value-based assessment approach takes a deep dive into your organization, and could help you to create a business transition plan.

So, why Deloitte? Our global Oracle professionals are highly tenured, having worked together for years. This degree of experience not only builds proficiency in common tools and methodologies, but also engenders trust in one another. Like an accomplished relay team, we hand off segments cleanly and support each other reliably, helping to achieve your business objectives.

Sprinting toward a cloud application or going the distance with a major business transformation? Download our brochure to learn more. Get there with confidence. Download our brochure to learn more.

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Awards and Recognition

Winning a single award doesn’t say much, but winning multiple awards year-after-year says volumes about an organization’s consistency in delivering high-quality solutions and its commitment to client satisfaction. In short, multiple awards bolster one’s confidence in a service provider. That’s why we care, and you should too, that Deloitte has collectively won 40 Oracle Excellence awards, country awards, and global awards since 2011. These accolades include recent designation as the Oracle Cloud Transformation Global Partner of the Year, which recognizes Deloitte for innovation through cloud technology, acknowledging our impact in the market, and the importance of global partner relationships.

Discover Deloitte’s marketplace standings in the latest Forrester Report.


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