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Break the cycle of complexity

SAP Simple Finance

Finance leaders can dramatically simplify their operating environment by relying on a new generation of tools and technologies such as SAP Simple Finance.

In this overview of Deloitte’s approach to Simple Finance, find out how you can break the cycle of complexity – with Deloitte’s help.

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Is the massive complexity of finance organizations inevitable? Possibly so – after all, finance is the nerve center for most organizations.

Finance organizations collaborate with a wide range of business partners, each of which brings its own issues, systems, and ways of doing business. Those needs, which help fuel the complexity, are unlikely to change in the near future. In fact, given the operating conditions most businesses face, the CFO’s organization will encounter increasing demands.

But that doesn’t mean finance leaders must continue working in a massively complex operating environment. In fact, a new generation of tools, including SAP Simple Finance, can help to dramatically simplify it.

Break the cycle of complexity - SAP Simple Finance

In business, stunning simplicity is often itself the result of complex thinking and hard work. With SAP Simple Finance, that is also the case.

The tool is built around six core capabilities:

  • Unified financial and management accounting through a logical document 
  • Elimination of aggregates 
  • Real-time close 
  • Next-generation user experience 
  • Integrated business planning 
  • Central journal

Download the PDF to learn more about how SAP Simple Finance can help simplify your finance organization.