Deloitte Innovation Accelerator: Ventures for Impact

Making an impact that matters for people, planet and prosperity with the power of innovation

The Deloitte Innovation Accelerator: Ventures for Impact program is getting closer and the shortlist of nominated startups is now complete!

With less than one month left to the pitch event Deloitte Innovation Accelerator: Ventures for Impact, we are excited to share the shortlist of nominated game changing startups that truly make an impact that matters. Together with our jury, representing some of the most influential companies in the Nordics, we will choose three winners that will get the chance to win a customized accelerator program designed by Deloitte.

Let’s introduce the shortlisted startups:

Founded 2019 | Clean Water & Health

Aquammodate incorporates natural water purification into water filters, enabling a product that can produce pure water at low energy cost. Aquammodate aims to provide clean water to people and industries alike by turning any source water into pure water in an economical and environmentally friendly way.


Founded 2021 | Funding & Knowledge Community

Bantaba is a funding and knowledge platform that connects the African startup community with mentors, consultants and investors living abroad (the diaspora). Through the platform, startups are matched with relevant diaspora profiles based on the startup's specific needs (e.g. knowledge, capital etc.) and the diaspora's preference to help foster innovation in Africa.


Founded 2019 | Sustainable Finance

Datia has developed a platform that allows financial institutions to better understand how their investments affect society and the planet to help them accelerate sustainable investments. The platform matches the investor’s portfolios with an ESG Database covering 600k financial instruments and generates reporting for SFDR, ESG, SDGs, EU Taxonomy while also providing ESG performance monitoring of the investments.


Founded 2014 | Charging Infrastructure

Elonroad offers an alternative to the existing charging infrastructure of electrical vehicles by installing a conductive rail laid on top of the road. This creates electric charging roads that can provide electricity for all types of electric vehicles, regardless if they are parked or driving. The charging road enables electrical batteries to run up to 60% longer and contributes to a safer and smarter infrastructure.


Founded 2019 | Solar Energy

Evolar develops a unique and disruptive technology that increases solar cell efficiency by 25 percent over conventional solar cells. The solution allows solar panel manufacturers to integrate the technology into new or existing manufacturing facilities, making it possible to produce higher-efficiency solar cells.


Foody Impact/Saveabl.
Founded 2020 | Sustainable Food

Foody Impact/Saveabl. offers pre-cooked meal kits by utilizing saved food. Foody Impact/Saveabl. partners with local farms, producers and restaurant wholesalers to help eliminate food waste. By saving food that does not meet the requirements of the food industry, e.g. due to varieties in shape, size or color, Foody Impact/Saveabl. creates recipes and vegetarian meal kits t to consumers.


Future Closets/
Founded 2019 | Circular Fashion

Future Closets/ is changing how customers consume by offering a subscription service of clothes that has a 97% lower carbon footprint than the average newly consumed clothes in Sweden. Taking a circular business model approach, the clothes in the subscription service consists of underutilized garments that have more to give e.g. second-hand, overstocks and unsold goods.


Founded 2015 | Earth Observation Data

GLOBHE Drones provides a first-of-its-kind digital platform for crowd droning that connects drone operators globally to clients in need of data that matters. By providing earth observations by drones, CLOBHE Drones help predict disasters, save lives and fight climate change while empowering local communities around the globe.


Founded 2014 | Sustainable Accounting

Normative provides a science-based carbon accounting software and advise to help companies reach net zero emissions. By measuring all emissions, Normative account for the total carbon footprint and highlight emission hotspots to help companies take action and track their progress.


Founded 2018 | Bio-based Plastics

PlasticFri is a GreenTech company that has developed a technology transforming renewable resources, such as agricultural waste and non-edible plants, to bio-based products. The material looks and works like plastic but is 100% biogradable and compostable and non-toxic, enabling a sustainable future free from fossil-based plastic.


Founded 2016 | Food Ecosystem

Skira has developed a traceability platform that enables the food industry to source commodities in a more sustainable way. The platform connects mills and farmers with leading consumer brands to increase transparency and enable more sustainable collaborations. Skira also integrates incentives to support and reward more sustainable production to positively impact the climate footprint.


Founded 2014 | Tech Education

Strawbees is an EdTech company that provides a straw based construction system for children across all ages to learn coding. Strawbees help develop problem-solving, critical thinking and creative skills online and offline by merging the physical with the digital.

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