About the program

What is Sweden's Best Managed Companies?

"Sweden’s Best Managed Companies" is a program that highlights successful, privately owned Swedish companies based on the perspectives of strategic focus, operational structure, company culture, and economic development.

The program was initiated in Canada in 1993 and has since then become the country's leading business program for recognizing successful private companies. The program has been established for many years in countries such as Ireland, Mexico, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and Denmark, and is now present in a total of 38 countries, with more planning to join soon.

Although the program is fundamentally a competition, coaching is an essential component. A team from Deloitte, together with the company, conducts an in-depth analysis that reveals the strengths and areas for development. The work provides a detailed assessment of the business, with a focus on strategic and operational issues.

A company can be named a "Best Managed Company" for multiple years in a row, and all those who receive the award collectively form a strong family of successful businesses.

What distinguishes the Sweden’s Best Managed Companies program?

  • Focuses on privately owned Swedish companies
  • Rewards business development and sustainable growth
  • Highlights the entire company
  • Measures more than just economic development
  • The application process provides insights that can strengthen the company
  • The company becomes part of a global family of Best Managed Companies

Who can apply?

Deloitte private

Sweden’s Best Managed Companies is a program within the framework of Deloitte Private

Deloitte Private caters to private companies of all sizes, including local entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, startups, family businesses, large privately owned companies, venture capital firms, portfolio companies, and individual entrepreneurs. Our teams have extensive knowledge of the needs and challenges faced by private companies and can offer comprehensive, tailored solutions.

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