Meet our judges

A select group of independent comprises our judging panel

Sweden’s Best Managed Companies applications are reviewed each year by a judging panel that decides which companies will be awarded the ‘Best Managed’ designation.

The jury members

Kim Persson

Kim is the founder and CEO of Sjö&Hav Outdoor Care, as well as former CEO and founder of and Apohem. He is also a partner and board member of BEMZ, an e-commerce selling tailored coatings for IKEA furniture.

Jenny Rosberg

Jenny has more than 30 years of operative and international experience holding a number of leading and board positions. She is the founder and SEO of ROPA management, as well as member of several boards. Prior to founding ROPA she held the position as Senior Vice President of Nasdaq Group Inc for almost eight years.

Kristina Willgård

Kristina has extensive experience from leading positions in business, including as CEO of AddLife AB, CFO of AddTech AB and Ericsson AB. She also sits on the board of Mölnlycke, AQ Group AB and Enströmmergruppen AB.

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