Infrastructure protection

The digitalization of modern business environment is increasing, and so are targeted cyber-attacks on IT and critical infrastructure. We rely on the availability and integrity of IT systems for business operations. Ever more connected devices pose new cyber security challenges for both public and private sector.

Cyber threats lack distinct borders and the tactics and technologies are constantly evolving. Therefore, a breach of information, infrastructure security issues and system failures lead to significant financial and reputational loses to organizations. A lack of security can give users and attackers unauthorized access to enterprise resource within the network where they can install malware and other malicious tools that can impact the business.

Why infrastructure protection? 

Infrastructure protection is about securing critical business application infrastructure and protecting technology, systems and business assets. The systems can range from internet connection either wired or wireless networks, hybrid integrated on premises, cloud solutions, servers, endpoints, software for maintaining and accessing critical data.

Without proper understanding of the design and security architecture, threats against the business will be difficult to detect. Infrastructure protection provides visibility on threats to your technology infrastructure that might cause disruption to your business such as:

  • Weaknesses in infrastructure design and security architecture
  • Presence of Malware, spyware and ransomwares
  • Indicators of compromises within the infrastructure 
  • Traffic inspection and defining the appropriate access control
  • Risk of threat actors being able to gain access to internal resources
  • Threat actors trying to exploit vulnerabilities on publicly accessible services, for example corporate websites, email or remote access.
  • Can Legacy hardware and software, introduce vulnerabilities into critical systems
Safe harbour:
  • Knowledge of firewall services and protocols allowed and blocked 
  • Well categorised traffic inspection by IPS/IDS appliance
  • Filtered content and file classification
  • Alert when services are under attack from an external source
  • Business-critical machines are physically inaccessible to most employees
  • Corporate owned devices, if stolen or lost, does not reveal sensitive data
  • In case of failure in business-critical systems operations can continue within a short period of time


If you do not fulfil the above bullet points your infrastructure might be at risk. Our security assessment can help bring clarity to your infrastructure protection. Contact us for more information.

How does infrastructure security benefit your business?

Staying protected against attacks, infection and breaches by prioritizing security needs will help your business:

  • Increase profits by reducing administrative overhead and improve productivity
  • Build stakeholders trust/credibility and enhance compliance
  • Gain confidence during Merger & Acquisition
  • Create a strong brand and reputation

How can Deloitte strengthen your infrastructure security?

Enterprise security architecture review

We offer a defined and agreed target architecture that is subsequently implemented and periodically reviewed to ensure protection against evolving threats and solutions. We focus on understanding the strategy, design and business logic to perform a deep review of design, enterprise infrastructure, implemented security architecture and associated risk.

  •  Next Generation firewall / Intrusion Prevention system & Endpoint protection review
  • Active Directory  & Domain name system security review
  • Network intrusion containment and remediation
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Cyber training & awareness / HR Security
  • Defence in depth strategy
Threat intelligence, detection and response capability development

We focus on building intelligence and visibility around malware infection propagation, remote code execution detection, C2C traffic analysis and advance persistent attack analysis. In this process we provide proactive monitoring to improve the protection of sensitive information and critical infrastructures of your business.

  •  Threat intelligence management
  •    Threat detection & mitigation
  • Threat monitoring
  •  Advance Malware Protection
Maturity assessment of incident response and recovery (before/after)

Our maturity assessment evaluates your enterprise security infrastructure architecture by conducting compromise assessment, gaining an in depth understanding of your capabilities to identify evidence of ongoing or past attacks. This enables you to respond effectively to threats.

  • Cyber Risk due diligence on enterprise infrastructure security
  • Network infrastructure architecture design review
  • Infrastructure recovery and incident management
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