Customer Service Excellence 2022

What do we need to do to succeed with customer service?

Customers today have high expectations on service, support and value-add based on their own individual needs. However, companies are struggling in transforming their customer service business to meet those demands.

This year’s Customer Service Excellence survey is based on insights from 27 countries, where a regional analysis is conducted for Central Europe, Western Europe and the Nordics. The report aimed at gaining in-depth analysis of how businesses handle customer requests and what can be improved to drive better customer experience in addition to exploring regional and industry differences.

Key insights

  1. Self-service on the rise!
    Self-service is the channel where companies are likely to invest the most to develop it further. The main investment focus is within channels connected to increasing self-service capabilities, such as portals, mobile applications, as well as conversational capabilities (e.g., chatbots, voicebots). The benefits are multiple, not only does it limit the cost of service, but it also has a positive impact on customer and employee satisfaction.

  2. Time to increase focus on personalization and customer care!
    In line with other Deloitte trend reports, this report supports the fact that customers have a clear and growing need to be supported by personalized service. In fact, respondents rated personalized service as the most important factor that customers care about, which also had the highest positive impact on customer satisfaction.

  3. Independent and empowered Customer Service Centers are the most effective
    The most effective Customer Service Centers are independent units within the organization. They can achieve operational excellence in a streamlined way. It also seems that multi-skilled teams, where tasks are distributed in an automatic way, respond to the customer needs much better than those divided by channel, process, or customer type.

  4. Regional and industry variances
    All industries are directing their attention on enhancing their digital capabilities rather than in more traditional channels (e.g., e-mail, call). Moreover, customer and employee satisfaction vary between the three European regions with Nordics being rated the highest and focusing its investments on predominately self-service and reducing workload using automation.

Customer Service Excellence 2022

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